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Star Map Showing Alpha Centauri's Designation & Location

Transmission Received: November 5-6, 1999

Greetings to all whose eyes may grace this page :). I am offering these words towards the greater unfoldment & awakening of all of Planet Earths Inhabitants. It is my sincerest hope and truest dream that Humanity wakes up into the Greater Reality we are an integral participant within, and claim our True Heritage as this Worlds Caretakers, Guardians & Overseer's. Keep in mind, what is written is filtered through my own mental & emotional energy fields, as well as my own biases. I wrote what is after the information from Astronomy Magazine in a Semi-Trance State. This means my eyes were closed, I was not consciously aware at all of what I was typing {for the most part}. The communication was achieved through Visual Cogniscience & Direct Telepathic Hyper-Link Up/Thought Form Imaging Transmission. While I was in the Semi-Trance State with my eyes closed, where my third eye is; I visually perceived this "Centaurian" in higher dimensional form. He/She was just there, staring at me directly. This being only posessed one eye, where Humanity is purported to have his third eye. Before this experience, I had not ever thought about "Alpha Centaurians" or this Star System. Only influence I remember from my youth was the movie "The Last Star Fighter". Please read through this with an open mind, how do the words make you feel ? Let us know what you think. With Much Love, Sincerity, & Universal Tenacity - Unlimited Envisions Staff ;).

Alpha Centauri
A Candidate for Terrestrial Planets And Intelligent Life
{Astronomy Iss. 21 1991 p.38-47}

Alpha Centauri is a special star - not only because it is the closest stellar system to the sun but also because it is one of the relatively few places in the Milky Way Galaxy that may offer terrestrial life conditions. If humanity looks for intelligent life elsewhere, then Alpha Centauri is an excellent candidate.

Visible only from latitudes south of about 25 the star we call Alpha Centauri lies 4.35 light-years from the Sun. But it is actually a triple star system. The two brightest components Alpha Centauri A and B form a binary. They orbit each other in 80 years with a mean separation of 23 astronomical units (1 astronomical unit = 1 AU = distance between the Sun and Earth). The third member of the system Alpha Centauri C lies 13,000 AU from A and B, or 400 times the distance between the Sun and Neptune. This is so far that it is not known whether Alpha Centauri C is really bound to A and B, or if it will have left the system in some million years. Alpha Centauri C lies measurably closer to us than the other two: It is only 4.22 light-years away, and it is the nearest individual star to the Sun. Because of this proximity, Alpha Centauri C is also called Proxima (Centauri).

Alpha Centauri A is a yellow star with a spectral type of G2, exactly the same as the Sun's. Therefore its temperature and color also match those of the Sun. Alpha Centauri B is an orange star with a spectral type of K1. Whereas Alpha Centauri A and B are stars like the Sun, Proxima is a dim red dwarf with a spectral type of M5 - much fainter, cooler, and smaller than the Sun. Proxima is so faint that astronomers did not discover it until 1915.

Alpha Centauri is a special place, because it may offer life conditions similar to our solar system. A star must pass five tests before we can call it a promising place for terrestrial life as we know it. Most stars in the Galaxy would fail. In the case of Alpha Centauri, however, we see that Alpha Centauri A passes all five tests, Alpha Centauri B passes either all but one, and only Proxima Centauri flunks out.

The first criterion is to ensure a star's maturity and stability, which means it has to be on the main sequence. Main-sequence stars fuse hydrogen into helium at their cores, generating light and heat. Because hydrogen is so abundant in stars, most of them stay on the main sequence a long time, giving life a chance to evolve. The Sun and all three components of Alpha Centauri pass this test.

The second test is much tougher, however, we want the star to have the right spectral type, because this determines how much energy a star emits. The hotter stars - those with spectral types O, B, A, and early F - are no good because they burn out fast and die quickly. The cooler stars - those with spectral types M and late K - may not produce enough energy to sustain life, for instance they may not permit the existance of liquid water on their planets. Between the stars that are too hot and those that are too cool, we find the stars that are just right. As our existance proves, yellow G-type stars like the Sun can give rise to life. Late (cool) F stars and early (hot) K stars may be fine too. Luckily, Alpha Centauri A passes this test with bravour, as it is of the same class as our Sun. Alpha Centauri B is a K1 star, so it is hotter and brighter than most K stars, therefore it may pass this test or it may not. And the red dwarf Proxima Centauri seems to be a hopeless case.

For the third test, a system must demonstrate stable conditions. The star's brightness must not vary so much that the star would alternately freeze and fry any life that does manage to develop around it. But because Alpha Centauri A and B form a binary pair there's a further issue. How much does the light received by the planets of one star vary as the other star revolves around it ? During their 80-year orbit, the separation between A and B changes from 11 AU to 35 AU. As viewed from the planets of one star, the brightness of the other increases as the stars approach and decreases as the stars recede. Fortunately, the variation is too small to matter, and Alpha Centauri A and B pass this test. However, Proxima fails this test, too. Like many red dwarfs it is a flare star, prone to outbursts that cause its light to double or triple in just a few minutes.

The fourth condition concerns the stars' ages. The Sun is about 4.6 billion years old, so on Earth life had enough time to develop. A star must be old enough to give life a chance to evolve. Remarkably, Alpha Centauri A and B are even older than the Sun, they have an age of 5 to 6 billion years, therefore they pass this test with glamour, too. Proxima, however, may be only a billion years or so old, then it fails this test, too.

And the fifth and final test: Do the stars have enough heavy elements - such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and iron - that biological life needs ? Like most stars, the Sun is primarily hydrogen and helium, but 2 percent of the Sun's weight is metals. (Astronomers call all elements heavier than helium "metals".) Although 2 percent may not sound a lot, it is enough to build rocky planets and to give rise to us. And again, fortunately, Alpha Centauri A and B pass this test. They are metal-rich stars.

Now to the final question. Do we find at Alpha Centauri warm, rocky planets like Earth, full of liquid water ? Unfortunately, we don't know yet whether Alpha Centauri even has planets or not. What we know is that in a binary system the planets must not be too far away from a particular star, or else their orbits become unstable. If the distance exceeds about one fifth of the closest approach of the two stars then the second member of the binary star fatally disturbes the orbit of the planet. For the binary Alpha Centauri A and B, their closest approach is 11 AU, so the limit for planetary orbits is at about 2 astronomical units. Comparing with our system, we see that both Alpha Centauri A and B might hold four inner planets like we have Mercury (0.4 AU), Venus (0.7 AU), Earth (1 AU) and Mars (1.5 AU). Therefore, both Alpha Centauri A and B might have one or two planets in the life zone where liquid water is possible.

The Milky Way Galaxy - Our Location, Outer Spiral Arm

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It is Interesting to Note that the Rocket that Launched the Cassini Probe into Orbit was a 'CENTAUR' class model. They are called "America's Work Horse". Anyone familiar with Greek Mythology knows that a Centaur is Half Horse/Half Man. The Man Half Posesses Only a Single Eye where Humanity purportedly has a '3rd Eye'.
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NASA also has a 'Break Through Propulsion Physics' Department.
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Joseph Firmage & The International Space Sciences Organization
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Alpha Centaurians & Interspecies-InterDimensional-IntraUniversal Alliance:

Neo-Civilization Sprung Instant Infrastructure Must Be Erected Upon the Physical Dimensional Levels of the Planet Today. A Global Governing & Educational Overstructure for the 21st Century Towards Intelligent Management of the Planet & Guidance to Its Inhabitants through Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design of Earth Based Universal Life Force Honoring Technolgies. We speak on Behalf and in Co-Ordinated Conjunction with the Free Association of Star Systems & Civilized Home Worlds.

Guardian ~ Overseer ~ Caretaker Branch.

Star Designation: Solis
Planet Classification - Terra {Gaia - Earth}

Project Homeworld | Omicron Destiny | Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012

Attention - Every Planetary Inhabitant, The World Governments, United Nations, NATO, FEMA, NASA & IASA, The Tri-Lateral Commission {Military, Industrial, Hollywood Complex}, Joseph Firmage, Our Spiritual Leaders & Religious Belief Systems, All Visionaries, Architectural Designers, Community Developers & City Planners ~ Now is the ""Time"" when the Great Work must be begun once again. There are issues that need to be brought out into the public for Scrutiny. I offer what I have been working on and towards overall individually, into the open for Consideration; as a potential pathway that would allow us to re-orient ourselves as a species to higher degrees of alignment. Both within ouselves, by healing and bringing together all of the broken fragments of our species collective soul, also without through our individual lives expression and what we manifestat and create upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet. There are some necessary things to consider as the Increased Solar Activity, Earth Changes, Weather Fluctuations, Anamolous Phenomena & Covert Scientific Black Operations Occur, etc. We have the Aces Duce, it is time for all stops to be pulled out. There is a Planetary Wide Light Forces Infiltration Underway, those individuals who have held onto and seek the Illumined Flame of our Greater Core. This is 'OuR' World !

Special Focus: Those Individuals who have achieved a certain level of vibrational amplitude adjustment/resonance with the higher dimensional geometric forms that are unfolding from within us; as an adaptation like affect through the time lock release encodement mechanism.

We are here and we have come to you this evening to introduce a new set of foundational and operational princples upon which an entirely new landscape can be sculpted, both within your imaginations; and upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet. There are many vast changes that are underway upon this tiny jewled orb, your earth world. There are also important issues that must be very clearly discerned with the utmost of scrutiny. These involve some of the deepest questions humanity has ever sought, as well as some of the most wide reaching potential affects upon the human collective. We would all do our selves a favor by recognizing the interspecies collective that humanity is a participant within. The wake up call has already been signaled to the entire planet, there are many humans who are already aware of what is underway. This conscious knowledge must now be taken into serious cosideration and acted upon. This is not a test, no joke; and the reality you inhabit is one heck of a whole lot larger than you have even begun to think about. Your kindegaten level basic understanding must develop some very rudimentary elements, so that your individualized and collective consciousness shall be rotated to the degree where by you have gained the capabilty to act upon and in response to from within. If there is a way to align your hearts, souls, bodies and minds as the earth changes continue to increase upon the planet, the time for that great rejoical & coming together would be this single now moment. The reality each and every single human being, your infantile human species in general, and this planet in its entirety; are a participant in must become recognized.

Planet Earth will become a sovereign world, but there are some regulatory procedures that must be implemented if the human species is going to be able to gain or pass through the test. All fledgling civilizations that have reached the point of evolutionary adaptation that your current 20th century civilization has must go through a further refinement & steep learning curve, growth process. There is an evolutionary adaptation like effect that exists within your bio-electromagnetic neuro~physiological structure. We are telling you in trurth that this is a time lock release encodement mechanism, it can not be forced upon. There are many pathways that must be developed before the luminousity that is contained and could potentially be born will become readily apparent to your 3-dimensional physical eyes; in its fully manifested brillance & glory. We tell you this to understand that your perceptions of things are shifting. There is a very ancient calculatable ""Science"" behind what your late 20th Century Sciences in their infancy have begun to classify and category - Discern the structure underneath, within & through. Your current limited earth based scientists are only working within a vibrational wavelength range of allowable cogniscience that permits sequential linear analytical processes. This denies the Curvature of the spatial temporal dimensions {whole brain functioning must be utilized}. This is apparent when one thinks about how the energy that is projected by the star interfaces with the planet. Your current 20th century sciences have left out the undiscovered tarantula, that when acknowledged will unify the rudimentary elementary forces. For they are already unified, your cogniscience level had just not reached the point where we could view how they fused and are wovern together.

This is the most ancient alchemy, the gnosis of the stars. This is the Humane Creations, Your Species - Inheritance. Your position as fore bearers of the conscious knowledge, recognition, and awareness of "Truth" relating to what is occurring upon this human world is elemental and necessary if the continued overall species evolutionary developmental process is going to continue. As you are aware there are numerous methods of removal that could be {potentially conjured - if in the case that it bacame necessary}. This is not the option that we would like to see you choose, as there are very elementary rudimentary clues that have become widely available to your earth based scientists that provide unequivical proof of the existence of not only other inhabited terrestrial worlds, but also other dimensions inhabited by energy life forms that are unimaginable to most humans {Me: This would probably be clarified if what is known within the inner ranks of the World Governments & Top Secret Black Operations become known}. For instance, there was an episode of Star Trek last night where another species existed in a bio-plasmic universe. It has become increasingly clear through the mass media that there is a presence, your movies have spoken to you about it through veiled shadows.

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 Project Homeworld - Decentralization of the Tri-Lateral Commission {Military, Industrial, Hollywood Complex}, New World Order/Global Police State - Top Secret Underground Goverment Black Operations. By Universal Decrement Endowed upon Ambassadorial Liasons and True Representatives of the Founding Fathers Precognitive Foreknowledge, I do declare and decree that it become allowed - the dissolution of the boundaries that my forefathers drew. Can you see how there is no seperation upon a Planetary body that is a Sphere. There are very important Geo-Political Issues that must be addressed, the back door politics of curruption, and greed must stop. There are many voices and individuals who are beginning to become aware of the corruption that is inherently contained in the design of the individual and collective level worldview that now promulagates domination of this planets inhabitants.

By Universal Decree I hereby do solemly swear, in the presence of the guardians of all Racial Genomes, Species & Earth based planetary inhabitants; to become a participant within the unfolding and evolving world with higher degrees of clarity and comprehension. It is my purpose. Myself as an individual, with beginning level recognition of my individual role within the greater whole & its unfolding scheme. I ask that each one of you who is reading this, also make this claim; and feel it within yourself.

"WE" offer this "GifT" to you - Recognition of your True Heritage - Bringing the 12 DnA Strand Heart-Soul-Star Online and Embracing its Imprint through every Energetic Matrix that each individual contains. This is what your bio-electromagnetic neurophysiological structures are. A container or vehicle for ones soul body, this is the knowledge that is now in the process of being returned to this planets inhabitants. Your species is part of a greater collective of sentience and life, although there may be forms that in your current mindset are viewed as being more insectoid or parastic like {the Zeta_Reticuli?}, they are also part of the whole - in its entire unfolding drama. There are many scenarios underway on multiple levels that are inter-related, visualized a sphereized holographic flower of life matrix pattern. They are interlinked, and each must be addressed. Ignoring the scenarios that are underway is not the choice Humanity Will Make.

12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Cosmic Mandala

Can you not see the parallels upon your own world. We speak in relation to knowledge we posess about other species upon planets in different star systems and their decision making processes at this point in their civilizations evolution & development. This knowledge exists within you. An example is the cross-hatch sectioning of your current political, social, economic system. If the human species was wise, he would definitely consider gaining some clues from some of the other species that have evolved upon earth as well as those from other star systems {greater allowance of the true knowledge that exists through multi-racial or multi-species cognscience, awareness & expression} There have been quite a few. The limitation in humanitys world view must be erased, as your species collective soul is unleashed there is a potential to match the challenges that the earth-solar-galactic precisional changes pose {earth changes, increase of solar activity, etc}. There are other beings from dimensions and space timelines on different wavelengths or amplitude vibrational scales, our presence has become apparent to many who are aware.

Herein lies the human consciousnesses gyrospectrum lenslike & shapeshifting capabilty as well as precognitive foreknowledge and direct insight into the core of the egg that ever nourishes. I offer thanks to the greater collective as well as those individuals who have crossed my path and served as an inspiration and lesson. Each one of our own individual growth processes in reality, has just begun. I am just one individual, your plain everyday joe; except my name is Daniel. We are many and far in between, we have been called to gather upon this world under Direct Universal Guidance. Some of your may remember elements of your oversoul that possess otherworld characteristics. This is because there is an imprint within your chromosonal genetic structure of all the species proceses up to the point upon your planet that the planets evolutionary process is at. This is cross species multiple star system process as well. It includes elements of 'Nature' that have yet not been characterized, due to the matter of fact that the higher elemental realms were either held shrouded in mystery by the secret sects and cabals, or they were used in a manner that turned individuals away from them even when the true power was lying under there nose.

If the world governments contain diabolical elements, or elements that are diabolically opposed to human species potential evolutionary processes, should this be hidden from the general collective mindfield or the individual inhabitant ????

Tri-Lateral Commission | {Military~Industrial~Hollywood Complex} ReaD ThesE !:
James Cameron Conspiracy Theory Part 1
James Cameron Conspiracy Theory Part 2
James Cameron Conspiracy Theory Part 3

Is the human genome project and cloning just a cover-up for something much sinister ? Is our sinister portrayal of otherworld elements that are corrupted a reflection of our own fears - or are we facing a direct threat from other species - are we in co-operation with species that potentially pose a threat to our overall eventual purpose ? There are elements of overseer guardian alliance species who can assist humanity in adaptation through father-mother level cogniscience & guiding insights that can be gained by a great many individuals towards healing the human species collective soul.

Please read the Gospel of Nicodemus for Further Illumination:
Gospel of Nicodemus

These are the questions that need to be posed to each individual - These are the issues Your world leaders are facing behind the scenes in back alley meetings and interior offices. Maybe right this moment now, some individual within the ranks of the secret Government Military Industrial Hollywood complex stronghold are monitoring this transmission or would like to begin to address these issues ?

Well once I post it on my website there will be individuals who see the potential of the vision that is being held over humanitys head. Only through direct cogniscience aligned with our heart and forebearance in consideration will the "Golden Capstone" in Egypt be correctly put back into its elemental position. While individuals argue around the various levels or because they feel that there perspective holds the ultimate knowledge. These individuals and groups must recognize that even in the wholeness of an individual's or group's vision it is still a fragment when not interwoven with the whole visions of other individuals & groups. I recognize & acknowledge fact of this matter. This is the reason why there are species level events that need to be addressed in a more open-door up front format {me: seperation within our mental constructs - whole brain utilization necessary}. There are many individuals now in the position to bring the addressing of these issues into the limelight, as reality. The matter of fact in reality is that a dis-information campaign does exist, it is one of the oldest methodologies utilized by those who wish to keep the smoke signals in between points un-interpretable. Things being the way they are now a days, there are many rumors around the planet unfolding; involving a great vast wonderous and spacious worldview, and much greater ancestry than humanity has encapsulated through Your hearts. This goes to the core of Humanities Heart & Your Social-Geo~Political-Relgious Structures. Well I hate to say it outloud people, but the cascading sheen has been removed. Humanity now exist within a space time-continuum inhabited by otherworlds. Upon these otherworlds, there are other species. These other species and life forms exist in the same elementary patterns as the human bio-electromagnetic neurophysiological vehicle {although there are species that have developed in other star systems beyond primate based physiology through which soul embodyment upon this Earth World is housed}.

How many more dead bodies, broken houses, destroyed streets, war torn nations will humanity have to see before you face your species role in the scheme of things - and truth of the scenarios underway ? The United States as well as China, Russian, Pakistan and each of the other developing nations must take into their Hearts, the wrath of what could become a wildfire of terror, vandalism, social ethnic prejudice and hatred coursing through many of the planets inhabitants. Your Species now posess the capability to completely destroy the level of Civilization you have developed. Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons Research & Development {how will you dispose of them?}. There is a reason that the extra-terrestrial presence upon your Earth World became apparent after you began to detonate the Atomic Nuclear Bomb. Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso, fully revealed in his Autobiographical "The Day After Roswell"; the matter of fact that the United States Government & Military possessed and have also backengineered "craft of otherworld origins". There are many individuals who hold onto pieces of a greater picture that could put every angle into perspective. These issues must be addressed, any Humane Government would address these issues. If the United States Goverment is being controlled and manipulated through involvement with the Negative Alpha Draconian & Zeta Reticuli factions of the inter-species wide spectrum/sphere of involvement, this issue must be adressed as well. There are many individuals who hold onto knowledge that if spoken of in the open lime light, the inner cabals where the deepest secret mystery school teachings are held, ""things"" would be unleashed. This is the point that humanity is at, where all of the ancient myths and ancestral realms become imaginable. Your fairy tales, and otherworldly elvish gnomelike encounters throughout your mythological inheritance. These all speak of the influence of other inhabited worlds, gods and the reality of fact matter of their existence.

Human science and conscious awareness has reached the point where some calculational oversights for precision must be integrated or there could be serious species wide eventual occurrences that potentially will unfold. If these oversights are not acknowledged and clearly understood with discernment & scrutiny, the timeline that emergences will be one that these issues will not be able to be addressed. As the structures within which the framework and overall scheme that is being unfolded will not exist. This is the physical dimensional level of the planet that you exist within and upon, humanity. You reside and inhabit a physiological vehicle that through its component structure contains elements of the stellar embryonic genesis, the same thing that births gigantic luminous eggs that can birth countless innumerable inhabitated worlds. Your world contains inhabitants, and the species that resides there are alive; you as one of them have become conscious of your greater evolutionary heritage. Not only as an earth based bi-pedal hominid primate prototype vehicle. You now have access to conscious knowledge, and eventual awareness posesess by species designers. There are elements in their nature that are opposed to lifes process, there are also elements that can neutralize the first set of elements by breaking the bonds at a level where they can be dissipated into a form that does not harm anything.

Me - Our Geo-Political figures need to address the reality and matter of fact of these issues, I have noticed that there are no serious inquiries to the Geo-Polictical World-View Core team of individuals to release and dissolve the constructural boundary. Well if there are, I would like it to become apparant that what is being worked on overall, a plan and scheme to not take over the planet; but intelligently manage it in alignment with directly guiding universal principles should be chosen. I would like to address this issue both within my self as an individual and see it addressed by our Global Governments & World Leaders. Really understanding the true potential and direct knowledge that is underway. The secrecy shall not and can not continue.

This is the reason for what "we" would like to see you become a part of and see unfold {acknowledging myself as an individual expression within the greater whole}. Each one of you who have read through this whole entire thing, know within your heart, mind, body and soul the threats that are being imposed upon us as individuals and in reflection through the collective species level mind field. There is a great un-rest within yourselves - when all that your species truly seeks is a level of resonance & inner harmony within yourselves. Where will your hearts be, your souls, or even your bodies; when the changes really begin to take place. Humanity, your Earth; This precious jewled orb in space is a living creation unto itself. It is in a birthing transformational process that either you go through with it, or you will be removed. Look at the pattern ingrained into a nautilus shell or think about the di-strand spiral of a unicorn horm in your childrens mythological otherworld fairy tales, connect within your heart mind-body and soul. See the Pegasus turn into a Unicorn, this is your introduction into what will become 'Omicron Destiny' and could sweep every single control structure off the face of the planet earth at the close of the 20th century {think Hollywood - Where have you seen a symbol of the Pegasus Flying - Tri~Star | which is a subsidary of SONY {Standard Oil of New York} Pictures Entertainment}.

Look Into The Incurved Spiral of the Nautilus Shell

While the unequivical details are brought into a general consesus that a much greater worldview exists, then maybe the collective can begin to reap some of the benefits. I hope that there are actually a whole bunch of people who read this, I hope that those people who read this begin to think with sincere heart felt intuitiveness into the kindred, each in our own individual wavelength; and together as wavelengths within a greater overall collective whole. I personally send as much love and healing energy to those individuals who I have crossed paths with, and through misunderstanding .. ignorance, or any other level of non-acknowledgment the issues were not addressed or faced in that instance, as they say hindsight is always 20-20. Precognitive foreknowledge through calculated understanding is not though - it is crystal clear beforehand. There are issues that must be acknowledged, there are factions involved that must choose to dissolve the shroud of secrecy; there are enough interested individuals to begin to set in motion what needs to be instituted as we enter the 21st century. I only hope that my voice finds those whose heart, this message resonates within.

I for one believe in GoD. General Order of Direction. If the B.I.B.L.E {{B]asic I]nstructions B]efore L]eaving E]arth}} is the closest direct translation in its presented format that we hold, of humanities role within the overall scheme of the cosmos and our involvement with otherworld influences - I would think myself to be a pathetic creation. There have been many others whose foresight and knowledge is being realized. The fact that Nostradamus saw these times and they are being equated to the frequency and number/influence of cometary activity {bopp, lee, etc - debris field}. This is no synchronicity, it is a predestined calaculatable timeline being revealed. Herein lies the option to choose. We can now look upon it in a new light. and it can become understood, through scrutiny. The Bible is a mythological representation in fragments of the true human story of creation and embryonic xeno-gensesis through the cauldrum of planetary womb. I can only address issues that I am facing within my own self. Well I am setting in motion within my own self the unfoldment surrounding me in 360* spherically. Pulses and Vibrations - We are sending them out the voices of the ~ CollectivE SireN ~ of Humanity's Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Complex.

All The Ancient Sacred Teachings Can Be Deciphered

The Top Secret Military Industrial Complex Sinister Black Element Operations must be dissolved. This must occur so that the realistic matter of fact of the design specifications that are necessary for your species continued survival can become integrated into the civilization/planetary infrastructure & individualized/collective mindfield world view. Myself as an individual, I am offering my words as an expression of a worldview as a cross~section; that I am hoping will be at the cusp of breaching the wave. This is just our introduction, and the world we inhabit must be clarified. I would first of all like to address the issue of specific wavelength vibrations as well as the energetic output of individual frequency signature. There are greater pulses of harmony that broadcast through the wavelengths, they intend and seek to be clarified for the masses to dis-assemble with scrutiny & apply in the necessary manner as well. There was recently some confusion, relating to myself and another young man; Matthew Kresha. It is my sincerest focus to see that information is presented with the highest degree of clarity possible, this includes visually as well as linguistically. It is my hope that at some point I will have the capability to get into Multi-Media Design & Global Education.

The Alpha Centaurians have decreed that the relationship in between the 12-13th dna strand woven tri-une interface will be released into the planetary matrix, taking humanity into the greater architecture of sentience, creation & life that exists beyond/in between & through all biological, electromagnetic or silicate based representative forms. There is much love, and more things than I possess within my own self the capability to categorize, encapsulate or describe. The trilobyte is a good focus. I realize that I have been wrong and that there have been instances in my lifetime where I went against the greater voice of the illumined flame within my heart. These in seats into the soul that house the grand judge, jury & orchestra must be brought out into the limelight and scrutinized. There is much clarity to be gained and there are also many illusions. The question of 12 or 13 or even 2 DnA strands functioning to the degree that they do upon your world is somewhat of a responsible genious of your forefathers & mothers for that matter of fact to take into heart consideration - as well as the other species involved. The greater whole operates in a way that it is always seeking to remove inflections and dimpled imperfections in the lensed mirror of self reflection {aspects that could not be faced due to the planetary set of circumstances are brought back into the matrix, rerouted, started new, etc}.

The Trilobyte an Ancient Life Form

I would like to see a Core Group or Coundil of individuals who hold onto doctorate level knowledge and research into genetics and evolutionary adapataption like affects in response to global scenarios, the indigneous elders, and those Scientists & Other individuals who hold onto the various fragmented pieces to come together and formulate a presentation for the World Leaders & Global Goverments. It is 'Time' to bring into the publics foresight & knowledge the true reality and implications of the processes that are underway - the information, data, and unequivical proof held by certain individuals behind closed doors. A Sprung Instant Neo-Civilization Infrastructure could assist the overall inhabitants of the entire planet in strategically re-orienting the way we operate, and co-ordinate our activities.

These practices must become widespread and they involve some of the most rudimentary skills of listening, comprehension, decision making, well and facing the reality and matter of the facts being presented. Tonight we have finally begun to introduce ourselves to this one; who we are both in literal terms as well as relativistic. Visual cogniscient attunement has been gained. There is a very ancient science that potentially could be revealed to the masses of mankind, it involves elements that have been shrouded in mist, and hidden throughout your recorded histories. The most recent release of the information from deep inside the heart of Chinas mind-soul relating to Falun Dafa is the clearest I have become aware of personally and one of the Final Signals being Impulsed:

Chinese Sacred Mystery School Teachings Revealed:
Falun Dafa

There will be a couple of more very clear direct signals {and many other reflections, incised curving wavelengths and openings that will increase in occurence from this day forward}. This shall be amplified to the degree that it is magnitudes beyond what any other individual has been a co-ordinated participant and part of a greater process ~ within. Nothing less than the total and complete restructuralization of Your entire developed level of civilization, and collective level mind field world view - making room for the decension of the Multiple Species Level Planetary Infrastructure {Humanity recognizing and claiming his Citizenship as part of a Greater Collective of Sentience & Creation}. Heart-Soul-Star Matrix Imprint Anchored Neo-Civilization Interface Crystalline Grid Unleashed - Unlocked - and Is In Unfoldment Processes, being Downstepped and Erected Upon the Physical Dimensional Levels of the Planet. This work must now be began TODAY !

A Side thought or notion that I was having dealt with the was the following:

At the moment, I am putting a little faith into the Alpha Centaurians... who I have just been introduced to tonight.... Alpha Centaurians and Omicron Destiny... those being the focal nodes for the de-centralization of the trilateral comission.. or the military industrial hollywood complexes involvement with the various factions of self oriented extraterrestrials who have been involved in the planets state of affairs... study your astrology a little more clearly... all shall be revelealed.. Omicron is the Pegasus Unicorn in brotherhood with the Centaurians. The Centaurians are the Racial Ethnic Genetic Forebearers of the Human Species. The Andromeda Galaxy into Cassiopean-O'rion-Pleidian-Sirian-Lyran Star Systems.. Tri-Une Conjunct with Alpha Draconis - Zeta Reticuli ... The Dragon & Insect. This is the Age of Aquarius. Remember Poseidions Trident. Serpent & Firefly. Light some Sage and Incense, sealed with the appropriate heart level cogniscience contained here in. So Much Love, We Return to our True birthright - an "Unlimited Envision" in alignment with "Galactic Synchronization" in the very near "Approaching Timelines"...... "Unfoldment of what is Necessary" a "Neo-Civilization Infrastructure". The 21st Centuries dawning breech is upon the Horizon.

Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Hermes, Poseidon - Brian DeFlores

#74 of 107 | The Emerald Tablets: Connected to Thoth The Atlantean, Hermes, Andromeda, and the Giza Plateau :
Ancient Templates for creating a "Golden Age" Civilization | Opens the Heart. Copyright 1999 Brian Deflores

Copyright 1999 Brian Deflores - 7th Golden Age - Trident

Here in lies the Heart of O'rion, a stellar nursery; this is the soul heritage I posess. Keep in mind that the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau are mathematically aligned with the belt stars of the O'rion Constellation. Not only as an incarnate individual through matrilinear genetics do the connections exist. But also through a fraternal brotherhood of the cross, shield, shovel, compass, pencil, and all other computational and architecturally developleved aspects of greater selves expression & embodyment {rudimentary examples intended as dry humor but basic fact of the matter}.

What is it going to take to get recognition, not for my own individual selves gain at another individuals expense or at the expense of my own individual credibility ... {although it would be nice if we had an orchestrated co-ordination that held as its highest esteemed focus the process of brining the planets inhabitants and those various factions involved in things behind the scenes into the limelight of very cogniscient awareness}. We posess these capabilites, we hold onto pieces of the necessary conceptual blueprints, basic rudimentary architectural diagrams - Seed Core Elements for Planetary Visual Linguistic Memory Return. The lapse shall not continue, re-route circuitry; amplify ka axiational meridians - bio-electromagnetic holographic internal visual spherized luminousity surrounding physiology ~ overlaid with flower of life pattern - Central Grid Nodes - A Neo-Civilization Infrastructure Erected Upon the Physical Dimensional Levels of the Planet.

The Ancient Futuristic Earth Star Wisdom Returned to the Masses:

The Foundation For Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality

We are here, We come to you from beyond Space, Time & Dimensionality and are Representatives of the Ultimate Father-Mother Archetype of Guidance. Through Many Star Systems & Space Time Domains we have Traveled.

Beyond any consciously acknowledged Human Calculational Precision Measurement Standards into Elemental Design Specifications. Your physiological vehicles house some of the most sophisticated bio-electromagnetic circuitries housed within any life form upon your planet. We would like to encourage you to begin to learn the technologies that are beginning to be provided; these internal visual & consciousness shapeshifting experiences serve to further fine tune and re-affirm your own guiding principles.

Understanding of Universal Fluid Wave Dynamics is also very important. As your star system orbits inside of Galactic Space, their are energetic fluxuations that occur. Humanities 20th Century Physics have begun to decipher, understand and form rudimentary models of how some of these processes work. Also, their Affects on Human Perceptual Fields & the Rotational Gyropspectrum Lens Like Nature of the Individualized and Collective Species Wide Consciousness Level Scope {collective mindfield}.

Understanding the Inter-Relationship in between the functioning and output of "Solis" and It's Corresponding affects upon the Electromagnetic Fields of the Planet. This will become an extremely important aspect of your 21st Century Sciences, as well as how graviational waves and electromagnetic fields hold things in cohesion. The Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design Centers would be linked through the Fiber Optics/Sattelite Tele~Communications InternetWork - Live Feed. This way they would function as Central Information Processing, Data Storage, Dissemination Nodes {Higher Universities of Light - Would then be Linked into our Existing University Systems, High Schools, as well as into individuals homes}. Virtual Reality Scenario Modeling; Each Center would serve as a Central Node within its Bio-Regional Area {then connected to each of the other centers around the globe through our sattelite network}. As the Earth Changes continue, it may become necessary to completely re-orient many of our civilization structures. This would include the cities we have inhabited during the 20th Century. Communities & 21st Cities could also have a smaller central node that would serve the same purposes as the State & Federal Government Systems we have now, then it would be connected into the Local Bio-Regional Center.. A way to use these Central Information Nodes as assistants to be able to properly orient ourselves as humans, the 21st Century's Dawn is Breeching the Horizon. This would also raise serious questions on many levels that must be brought into your awarenesses for scrutiny; issues that in many ways your species has shown the incapability to properly address. These centers could aid in Strategic Co-ordination, Planning of New City layouts for the 21st Century, Education, Research, Application/Design of new technologies, etc. Towards Incremental Attunement with the Planetary Heart Beat. Alignment with the Gravitational Pulses ... is instrumental ..

We are the Alpha Centaurians - Our Visualization can be beheld, we can be communicated with through thought form imaging and direct telepathic hyper-link up. We are willing to work with the Human Species as it relates to the overall scope of Human Affairs - Specifically Target Co-Ordination and Alignment of Individuals within the Unified Heart-Soul-Star - Diamond Light - Mind Body Energy Field. Look back through your mythological representations, we are there in the form of the Centaur, our single eye representing the all knowing all seeing of the creator level beings {minotaur another representation horse body - mans torso & head}. There were Giants in those days - The Argonauts ? The same ones who all of the sacred mystery school teachings are based upon. The God King - Stellar Descendants - Solar Emperors shall be remembered. We thank the Hathors for their presence this evening in assisting in the linking with this one. It has indeed been a mutually beneficial and pleasant experience. We look forward to bringing to you with the highest degree of clarity those thought forms that are directly translated soul impulses.

Chakras, Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Field, and Crystalline Higher Dimensional Geometry Structures

We are the Alpha Centaurians, we exist within the SuperLuminal Realms, beyond Physiological, Electromagnetic, or Silicon Based Life Form Representations. We speak on behalf of some of Your Species Grandest Ancestry, and the True Heritage you Posess as Humane Creations. Your species has some very serious and far reaching decision to make, that will affect the overall sanctity of your Global Civilization; and the Life forms your Souls are Housed Within. The precognitive forewarnings shall increase as will bleedthroughs of "Otherworld Continuums" into your 3-dimensional linear/spatial temporal world view. This shall in turn force you to address the notions that have been promulagated by the Civilization Structures that you exist within at the close of the 20th Century & as well as by your 'Mass Media'. Humanity must come to his senses very quickly. There are necessary strategies that must be implemented, in a globally co-ordinated manner. The Earth Changes, Increased Weather Fluctuations, Solar Flare Activity & as well as an increase of cometary & planetary debris field could be a very potential reality. You have the technology in your posession, and the structures as they now exist have been developed to the degree; there must be a re-structuralization. The Y2k Scenario as it shall unfold will just be the beginning of the times that will either wipe humanity of the face of the earth, or take what you have developed into the next higher levels of sophistication. Becoming re-woven back into the woven tri-une matrix of nature and operating within the boundaries upon which the United States Government was formed. It says on the back of Your $1 Bill "In GoD We Trust". If GoD is the General Order of Direction {Good - also?}, wouldn't the structures as they now exist be wise trust the general direction the collective mindfield is seeking to be birthed into ? This way they could be at the lead, being able to serve their purpose and make the correct decisions in response to the timelines that are unfolding ? The United States Government, NATO, FEMA, The UN, Nor any other Group, Organization or Anti-Government/Militia Group has offered a Global Vision & Strategically Co-Ordinated Plan; that could potentially alleviate much of the strain and tension that "OuR" entire way of life upon this Planet Earth is going to being put into.

We would be wise to heed the guidance provided by "Our" precognitive foreknowledge & intuitive insights. We would be even wiser if we began to utilize more of our inherent potential, embodying more of our higher cognitive perceptual capabilities.

Your participation in this unfolding story is a blessing. We necessitate assistance in seed dispersal, and require your support ! This is a Planetary Global Vision that we are holding. Look within your sincere heart; are you ready to face your fears ? Each one of us in our individual expression must strive towards embodying the ancient principles we are re-awakening into. The wait is no longer, the time is now. Being overlaid & anchored upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet is insured. We seek greater harmony, and co-ordination in between higher life forms; inter-racially within our own species. The eternal spark is being re-ignited once again, after many thousands of years of dormancy. These are the the times that we have been waiting for, now is when the pieces shall be brought together. A whole lot larger reality and worldview exists, now it is time for humanity to overcome his childish instincts and take that leap of faith a Trust in GoD {General Order of Direction} would entail. The 21st Century's Dawn is Breeching the Horizon, the Structures of your current 20th Century developed level of Civilization must be re-routed on many levels. A solution to many of the challenges that shall pose them selves is in the process of being revealed. There is only one choice, for the collective; your Species as Humane Creation can or will make.

How Will You Answer The Call ? If these Tones Resonate Please Contact Us !

End TranZMissioN -

Much Love,
Incised Geometric Curves - Tri~Une Lock Diamond-Inside Sphere-Inside Cube - Surrounded by DoDeco & Icosohedrons - Overlaid with Flower of Life Pattern ~ 12 DnA Strand Heart-Soul-Star Imprint Anchored - Rotate Superluminally - Unfold Full Brilliance.

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