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The Pulsing Signals Are Being Sent Out, Are You Receptive ? 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Returned to Earths Inhabitants - TM Trademark and © 1999 Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 ! The Pulsing Signals Are Being Sent Out, Are You Receptive ?

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Published November 16, 1999
The following account is a written description of two of my 4 conscious direct overhead flyover experiences. These flyovers were at close proximity by aerial vehicles that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance or known aircraft design specifications. Also included is some commentary & conjecture by myself, as well as Paul LaViolette's response to a letter I wrote to him describing the first experience. I offer this to you with integrity - in "Truth" towards unfoldment from within outwards into a reality framework and world view that is much greater than our World Governments, Scientists, or Religious Leaders are willing to acknowledge. Through self empowerment we shall return ourselves to the consciously aware knowledge of the true heritage we posess, as humane creations. There are many of you out there whose eyes will grace this presentation of my experience and see something of their own experience within it. If this is the case, and you have had an experience with an Aerial Vehicle that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance or known aircraft design specifications; or these vehicles occupants - I encourage you to contact us ! We are looking to connect with like minded individuals with a similar base of experience. From this platform and within this space, we can begin to re-orient ourselves.

The Emerging Worldview throws light on the claims that are being made by millions of individuals from around the planet. This worldview poses a couple of inquiries. 1. Are Interdimensional/Interstellar Transportation Vehicles from other Inhabited Worlds visiting Planet Earth ? If the Answer to this question is 'Yes', the next line of thinking would be: Does the United States Government & Other Nations Governments posess technologies from these otherworld craft ? If the Answer to the first question is 'No', the second line of thinking would be 'whose unconventional aircraft are coursing through this planets skies?' These questions need to be answered, the United States Government & the Other Nations Governments; owe it to the Church and our Religious Institutions, the Scientific Community & this Planets Inhabitants. It is time for the truth of the Human Species Stellar Ancestry & the Presence of the Creator Level Beings to be 'Revealed'. For this Humane Creation, who we are; there is so much potential to be recognized if we so choose to embody it. The Image above is the Only Visual Representation of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Silicate Etheric Crystalline Matrix on Planet Earth ! This gift was given to me, now we are giving it to Humanity.

The Visual Image of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix is part of what was given to me through the experiences that are recounted below. The rest of what was given to me is in the process of being outlined within this sacred web space; Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 :). Thankyou for combining your mental energy field & thought forms in alignment with us throughout this unfoldment process. Please Order the '12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Anchoring Packet' to assist us in maintaining financial stability; also towards spore releasal of the 'Original Intended Blueprint'. For those of you who would ask me ""Where is your physical proof""? I only can say that Earth's scientists & inhabitants will never have the proof they desire for those perceptual modes, operational parameters, cogniscient awareness levels, and experiences of the greater reality; for they exist outside of the mental framework that is being utilized ! The Backward Spinning Oscillations Echo Outwards Eternally, if you listen inside yourself with depth of clarity; the resonance is evident. Your participations & Support in our Endeavor is Necessary ! Thankyou so much for listening, viewing & enjoying :) !
Recounting a Few of My Own Experiences W/Non-Conforming Aerial Vehicles:
I really have had some very interesting experiences. I guess you could say, reality shapeshifting. I am only one individual, my experiences really have no baring on anyone but my own self. Although, to a certain degree; there is also another perspective. If the holographic & fractal like nature of reality and our world view is a valid framework to utilize; my own experience could be an integral component within the overall unfolding of the whole. These are areas of inquiry where assessments like the '100th Monkey Affect' become very interesting. I will go ahead and share this aspect of my story with those who are viewing this page and have found resonance in what we are working on unfolding from within ourselves and outwards towards all; to the point that our entire developed level of civilization becomes re-structuralized. For those individuals who have never had any sort of experiences that do not fit into the currently acknowledged collective level mental energy field & world view. I ask that you suspend any preconceived notions you may hold onto and read through this account with a balanced, centered and open minded approach. I really have had no mentors, or teachers on this earth in these ways, most of what I have come to understand has been awoken from within my own self. I will spare you the details of my families dysfunctionality {Please View Manifestation Experiment on Original Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 Website}. I have also had experiences to the other extreme. This has included direct overhead fly-overs by aerial vehicles that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance {on 4 occasions}. I know that supposedly there are millions of other individuals upon this world who have had experiences of a similar nature; I am sharing this aspect of my life so that if you have had these experiences; it can be known that you are not the only one.
The first time I had this experience consciously I was 19 years old {1995}. This craft was definitely of a 'Non-Conventional' design. I am quite positive that this was not a U.S. Govt. Black Operations vehicle; and that it was of 'OtherWorld Origins'. The sound the craft made was like some sort of counter-rotating superconductive {crystalline??} electromagnetic, gravitational propulsion system of some sort. It was like two different cycling oscillations going in opposite directions back and forth meanwhile a higher wider harmonic overtone woven through the cycling osciliations. The sound this aerial vehicle made created a resonating vibrational affect that I could more feel in my body than I could hear {although it could also be heard}. It was a very engulfing vibration. If that is not wild! So this vehicle flies almost directly over my head, and I mean very close - not that far above the telephone pole; like maybe 50-75 feet. I was sitting out on the back porch/deck in the backyard of my parents house; the dog and cat were out there standing on the deck next to me. When this vehicle flew over our residence, I swear to god; the animals next to me literally started turning in circles {was very strange to see them be affected this way}. All the crickets and cicadas in the backyard that were chirping became completely silent also. It was right after sunset starting to get pretty dark. I could not really tell what shape the craft was; but it had a strange lighting configuration. I just sat there staring up at it, and I was paralyzed to the chair almost {it felt this way, I couldn't move}. I also started to vibrate and could feel myself fighting against it - it was somewhat frightening. As the craft flew over, it felt like they did some sort of DNA Scan; or at least this is the awareness that I gained. It was almost like time and space shifted, I was not physically abducted or anything at this time. While it was very slowly flying over me I was telepathically communicated information saying "to not be afraid"; meanwhile I was also projected the most profound feelings of love and reverence for sentience and all creation I have ever experienced. This craft was flying very slowly, perhaps 10 miles an hour.
I.I.T.V. With Shielding Field - Courtesy of Bob Lazar Site - See Link Below Matrix - Artwork Courtesy of: Brian DeFlores I.I.T.V. With Shielding Field - Courtesy of Bob Lazar Site - See Link Below
Left & Right Images: I.I.T.V. ~ Inter-Dimensional and Interstellar Transportation Vehicle in Omicron Configuration With Shielding Field Enveloping Disk
Courtesy of Bob Lazar's HomeSite © 1999 - See Link Below
Center Image: #61 of 107. Tetras #1: Linked to the Hale-Bopp comet, the Ascended Masters, and the Galactic Federation; peels through the layers of illusion - assistance from other worlds. Access to the Holographic Matrix, Advanced Design Specifications for Cities, Space ships - accessing the Etherial Physicians.
Artwork By: Brian DeFlores © 1999 - See Link Below.
Basically, it seemed like I was assigned a serial #, a digital code activation sequence, and Quantum Interface Device Time Lock Release Mechanism Adjustment. When they did the DnA Scan, I believe that I received some sort of Imprint or something. I was also telepathically communicated that I was not yet ready for face to face physical contact and that I would be processed through their information systems {if you can believe that}. Ok, so here is the setting: I am sitting on the deck in my parents backyard, which is facing east. The backyard/house is in a residential neighborhood, and this was in Sacramento, Ca. I don't live in that house any more having relocated to Tucson, Az. So anyways the house is adjacent to a main thoroughfair in the local region. There are also two Air Force Bases in addition to an Aerojet within the vicinity. One of the air force bases is closed I believe - not sure {Mather & McClellan}. All are within a 25 mile vicinity. There is a huge 150-200 year old oak tree right on the other side of the fence, the yard is about 60 ft wide by 45 feet to the back fence from the house. The huge oak tree is right on the other side of the fence. The fence was built around the trunk so there is an indentation where it slopes downwards towards the center. Behind the house is a Baptist Church with a very large parking lot that was empty at the time. So that is the setting.
This aerial vehicle did not really hover; although it was flying very slow. I was sitting facing the tree and it flew orizontally over the house and came into my field of vision to the feft from behind me. I have no idea where it came from especially with the incredibly low altitude it was flying at, I would estimate about 50-75 feet above the tree. So as it flys over, it does the DNA Scan and all that, then it just flies very slow; back behind the tree and over the church parking lot. At that point the vibratory field lessened a little bit and the paralyzing grip was lessened, I stood up and watched the aerial vehicle. I was completely awestruck, never in my entire life had I imagined that anything like this would or could happen to me. It was simply outside my frame of reference as far as accepted realities go. There it was, right before me; I could see it perfectly framed in between where the fence drops down in the center of the span and where the first limb on the right side of the tree arched up off the trunk. It hovered there perfectly framed for like 10 or 15 SECONDS while I stood there practically in shock watching it. It was glowing with this light energy field surrounding it appeared. All of a sudden it lit up brilliantly - the light energy field around it become at least 10 times more luminous; after that it collapsed inwards upon itself and completely disappeared into thin air. I sat down once again in the same deck chair, completely in shock; still shaken from the close proximity of this strange object. I remember thinking and feeling "ohhh my god down into the depths of my souls core". At that point, my mom walked into the kitchen and turned on the light; to see what was going on. I went inside, told her what I had just experienced but she did not believe me. I hardly believed it myself.
One of Numerous Species Interacting on Earth, the Zeta_Reticuli {By: Stephanie Fuchser}
The presence of the Zeta-Reticuli or 'Greys' upon this world has become increasingly apparent - Notice the Fibonacci Spiral.
What is the United States Government & Other Nations Governments Hiding from Humanity ?
Artwork by: Stephanie Fuchser © 1999.
That was the first conscious contact experience i had, it occurred in 1995. Around the same time as these experiences began, I had drawn the 12 DNA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Cosmic Mandala. The representation at the top of the page is, I believe, the only visual image on this planet. I drew it and started having these experiences before I was aware of the books published by Barbara Marciniak or Sheldan Nidle {both of which outline information in relation to the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Imprint}. My Co-Partner Stephanie Fuchserhas redrawn the Mandala from its original version, perfecting the 'Original Intended Blueprint' {September 1999}. As you can see by Stephanie's artwork, she also has had some level of Extraterrestrial involvement in her life and consciousness. She has quite a bit of Artwork that we would like to make prints of {not online}. At this time we do not posess the Capital to purchase the elements required to put them online. Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 requires a Photographic Quality Color Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera, and CD R/W Drive. Once we have these technologies, we intend to make artwork prints, t-shirts, mousepads, and multi-media presentations outlining the perceptual framework we are being opened into. If you have an extra printer, or scanner; or would like to assist us in the 'manifestation' of these necessities - Please Contact Us !

Another direct overhead flyover by a aerial vehicle that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance happened the summer of 1995. I would consider this sighting and direct overhead flyover to be a fairly signficant one. Although this vehicle did exhibit flight dynamics & design elements that are not acknowledged as being utilized by our current military aircraft arsenal; this vehicle quite potentially could have been a Magnetic~HydroDynamically propelled craft - in otherwords it belonged to us. Let me describe the scenario first, before I offer any more conjecture.

A good friend who I went to High School with was up here in Sacramento {Jushton Ashton}. He had been about to head down to UC San Diego for school. I believe he is down in South America now. The last time we communicated he was studying artifical intelligence and biological synthetic neural networks {working on Digital Imaging at the Scripps Laboratory in San Diego - We have not talked in at least 2 years}. He wanted to become an engineer/designer, I would categorize him as being highly intelligent and together both emotionally and mentally on all levels. Anyways, we had just driven through Burger King. This burger king is down the street from the house where I lived when the previous experience I just described occurred. The both of us had an aerial vehicle that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance or currently known aircraft design specifications fly directly overhead. We had driven through BK and both gotten whopper meals. This time we were also facing east. We were maybe about a quarter mile down the road from my old house. We were in front of a large building that is on the corner of the main thoroughfair I mentioned previously, it is a major intersection basically. It was still daylight, the sun had not gone down yet but it was starting to get close to dusk.

So we are facing this building. We can see to our left, the building wasnt blocking our view because we were parked on the side in the front at the corner. We were watching the sky and we both saw this curious hued orange light flying horizontally I would say at maybe about 45 degrees from the horizon. It did not look like anything too abnormal at that point. So down the street to our left, there is a park. The park is approximately 1/2 ~ 3/4 of a mile down the street from where we were parked eating our Whoppers. Behind the park is a power substation. We watched this light fly over and hover over the power substation. I swear to god for like 5 or 6 minutes it sat there stationary. We had finished our whoppers and gotten out and were just staring at it going 'What Is It'. The both of us continue to stand there watching it. After the 5 or 6 minutes has passed we observed this aerial vehicle very slowly start to lift up, we can see this off in the distance. Slowly it lifted up, then it began to fly towards us horizontally from the location over the power substation ~ as we were directly adjacent to it {3/4 of a mile away}. I swear to god, we watched it fly over the main thoroughfair towards us and then directly over me and my friends head. We saw the underneath of this craft. This aerial vehicle was completely silent, no sound at all. It literally floated over us, maybe going 25-30 mph. It was platinum metallic silver colored, and triangular shaped. It had 3 yellow lights one in each of the corners and a red light in the middle which was pulsing at a very strange pace. This thing was flying at an altitude not much higher than the building we were parked next to {20 + stories tall}. We watched it fly directly over us. It was so crazy, more than likely I could get my friends email address and he could confirm the occurrence - exactly as I have detailed it.
Like I mentioned previously, the location of this activity is in the cross section between two Air Force bases and an Aeroject. The first craft I am almost completely positive was of otherworld origin; due to the DnA Scan, telepathic receptions, and the way it just lit up brilliantly and completely disappeared. The second experience that I have recounted here, I am not so sure. It very well may have been an 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicle', undergoing test flying as opposed to a craft of otherworld origins. If this is the case, it brings up a couple of different questions. What type of propulsion system was it using that gave it the capability to be completely silent ? Why was it hovering over the power substation ? These are some awesome technologies, we the inhabitants of this Soverign Earth deserve to know the truth as it relates to the whole scope {360*} of affairs underway upon this planetary homeworld.

After the first experience I began to receive information from what seemed to be hyper spatial sources of intelligence, these were like highly energized thought form images that I perceived in holographic visual form. They were highly charged seed packets released into my consciousness - total and complete holographic visual information. I have to admit that when I began this process I was first approached by a renegade faction of the Reptillian Species from Alpha Draconis. This Renegade Faction of Alpha Draconian Reptillians is seeking to gain re-entrance into the 'Free Association of Inhabited Star Systems & Civilized Worlds'. This was only after I had connected with my original archetype/oversoul source of spiritual guidance, an Ancient Atlantean Master. Through his guidance I have gained awareness to many regions of thought & human cognitive/perceptual cababilities that have been unexplored by humanity with conscious awareness & intention for centuries. After this whole sequence within my awakening process began, I had the experience of receiving information in holographic visual form through telepathic hyperlink-up/direct thought form transference - almost like streaming 3-d movies.

Take A Few Moments and Align Your Left and Right Brain Hemispheres

These communications or downloads of information can occur in a number of ways; including sequences of light encoded tones, streams of symbol based languages and sacred geometric patternings viewed as holographic projections upon ones inner visual field, as well as through direct thought transference. I began to call them 'Envisions', this is the reason this sacred space has been labeled "Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012". I viewed these information downloads inside my minds eye with my physical eyes closed, almost every single night before I would go to bed. I was turned into a supersensitive receptor for these hyper spatial sources of intelligence/information. My beingness needs serious healing though, on many levels; you can not imagine what this has been like. In addition to these direct overhead flyovers I have had dream visitation encounters of being taken on board ships. The different energies that I have tapped into seem to be mainly archetypal oversoul elements of the human species. I also believe that there is a physical process underneath an individuals unfoldment into higher dimensional levels of perception. There is also a connection in between the solar elements that our star is undergoing, and their corresponding influence on the planet earth.
From my vantage point, and awareness/understanding; there has been extraterrestrial involvement in overseeing the planetary state of affairs and evolutionary development for potentially billions of years; upon Earth. Some of the intelligence levels I have tuned into speak of truths that potentially could become self evident, and would revolutionize our entire worldview & perceptual framework. This is basically the "Rainbow Warrior Prophecy" becoming manifest, and the unfolding of our latent and dormant potential. This is what i see the whole scenario underway upon our Earth as bringing forward from within our selves. We as beings upon this world have some serious choices that need to be made in relation to the whole scope of affairs that are underway and involve ourselves expression through physical manifestation in human form upon this planet.
There is a lot to this whole story that will have to wait until my book about 'Omicron Destiny' is published; more than likely sometime around 2001 {first I must write it :) }. At the beginning of 1999, I met my current partner & co-creator - Stephanie Fuchser; through the Internet on Spirit Web Chat. On March 2nd 1999, the scope of extraterrestrial affairs my consciousness was opened up into evolved. Backwards around the time that Alex Collier's camp posted an 'Open Letter to the Andromeda Council' in November of 1998; the Draconian Intelligence levels that I had been introduced to shifted. This energy had now taken on the form of an 'Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance'. On March 2nd, I began writing 'Andromedan Perspectives'. I wrote 5 of them, then around the Eclipse on August 11th; I wrote from an O'rion Syndicate perspective. I am still working within myself, to figure out how all of these different species are involved in the various scenarios underway upon this planet. I would be grateful if you checked out these writings; they are located on the 'Original Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 Website'. I am completely positive that my contacts have for the most part all been extremely benevolent, as they have not harmed me; and I have been given pieces of the greater puzzle that is central to the challenges our species worldview & civilization is facing. I am well aware of many extraterrestrial species capabilites to have an influence on the mental and emotional energy fields of a human, and manipulate their minds; even implant screen memories.
Animated Interdimensional & Interstellar Transportation Vehicle
Blue Alien Being & Pyramids on Another World
Animated Interdimensional & Interstellar Transportation Vehicle
Gift from Stephanie Fuchser to Daniel Ryan 6/26/1999 | Blue Alien Being & Pyramids on Another World
This Painting Suffered Some Draconian Wrath, and is no longer with us
Pause for a Moment, Focus on your Heart and Feel the Love for Self and All of Sentience within Creation
Artwork by: Stephanie Fuchser © 1999.
On July 16th, 1999; I began to have spontaneous memories of 3 Zeta-Reticuli beings standing around me in my bedroom. Stephanie was within me when these memories began to suface; I still have many things to sort out relating to exactly what I have experienced. Here is my experience as I wrote it in an email 3 days after it began: "I am dealing with some 'stuff' regarding memories that have been surfacing within me for the past three nights and I have not slept for more than a couple of hours. I spent almost 6 hours last night curled up into a little ball sharing uncontrollably, sweating without end reliving an experience I had about three years ago {in tears and screaming at the top of my lungs 'nooo'}... which I had thought was only a dream {Zeta Stuff}. I could see them around me, there are three of them... One standing at my feet one by my side by my head, and one standing behind me at the other end of where I was sleeping. I had thought that I was only a contactee, I had never ever thought that I was physically abducted. I am not so sure at this point, every time I close my eyes I see them; throw my arms over my head and start screaming 'noooooooooo, dont take me ... please'. Luckily my friend was with me all night. So this has been going on for three nights, I will try and answer your inquiry to the best of my capability, given my current state of mind"". These memories and a couple of others that I have had; definitely have shapeshifted the way I perceive myself and this world & universe we inhabit. I have not yet undergone any sort of Hypnotherapy, I have written over 3,000 emails in the One and a Half Years I have been online. For the most part, no one has really known how to respond to the information I was passing along; nor could they offer me much solace or guidance. In many ways, this growth process has been very lonely. Things have changed magnitudes since the beginning of 1999, nonetheless; this process is the greatest challenge each one of us may ever face within our lifetimes. Our Species as a Collective is definitely facing the most challenging obstacles that have ever arisen within our recorded histories.
Even with the conspiracy & dis-information campaign underway, it is my own personal feeling are those who are not from around here who are working towards not completely shattering what we have desperately clung onto as 'the truth'. In otherwords I feel that there are beings and species involved in this Planets state of affairs who do observe and maintain the 'Prime Directive'. The way we have viewed the whole development of culture over the past 13,000 years is going to be completely re-written in the next 2 or 3 years. We really are being offered a new set of lenses through an extension of our perceptual scope, opening up the gyrospectrum rotating nature of our consciousness; there is much clarity that can be gained. I think that spiritual principles or priciples of understanding how the cosmos operates and understanding the sequence, order, cohesion, and the awe, splender, and sacredness needs to be returned to our emotional energetics and collective worldview. There is a whole universe out there to explore, and we live upon a planetary homeworld. We have duties and responsibilities as a Guardian/Caretaker species, this is what I see those who are not from around here are working towards getting humanity to take into consideration - VERY QUICKLY. We must once again become responsible stewards of this Mother Earth. There are pathways with contain so much potential for the entire organizational structure of our Political, Social, Economic, Governing, and Educational systems as we enter the 21st Century to be re-oriented. This is what must be accomplished if we are going to have descendants.
Sacred Geometry & The Reptillians by: M.C. Escher + Di-Strand DnA Spiral
Is there a Connection in between the Pyramids and Craft of Otherworld Origins ? {By: Stephanie Fuchser}
Sacred Geometry & The Reptillians by: M.C. Escher + Di-Strand DnA Spiral
Left & Right Images: Sacred Geometry & The Reptillians by: M.C. Escher
DnA Strands Displayed towards Acknowledgement of the Genetic Manipulation Humanity has Undergone
Central Image: Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 is brought to you through the Heart of O'rion with Zeta-Eyes Field Dynamics Awareness, Alpha Draconian Tenacity, Andromedan Cognsicience, Attunement and Resonance, Alpha Centaurian Brother-Sisterhood, and Hathorian Sacred Geometric Harmonies.
There have been many species involved in overseeing the evolutionary seeding & development of lifeforms upon this planetary homeworld
Our Mother Earth, Gaia ~ Terra.
Artwork By: Stephanie Fuchser © 1999
The Earth Changes are becoming reality, this world is shifting climatically, also our star is going through a phase of increasing fluctuations. There is a connection to what is underway upon this planetary homeworld, and the core tendrils of original wisdom that run through the mythologies & belief system of all of humanities races - our entire 'Species Culture'. The Graphic Visual Image of 'THE MATRIX' by Brian DeFlores above, gives us an ideal way to visualize how things are interlinked. One could look at this human species expression overall upon this planet as the entire matrix. All of the little geometric shapes are interlinked and oriented in a way so that they fit together precisely. Each of the individual shapes would be representative of the core teachings of a particular social or racial/ethnic grouping {jigsaw puzzle pieces - whole picture put together |same analogy| - the Holographic Model, the part within the whole & the whole containing all the parts - left/right brain hemishphere synchronization, Sacred & Fractal Geometry |As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without|}. From all cogniscized points of view and gathered data, it appears that we are facing some very serious choices individually and collectively as a species; that will in course create the world our descendants inherit ! How cohesive is the integrity of the Human Species, this is the test we are confronted by Today ! There are many different scenarios underway on many inter-related levels. One can visualize the 'Flower of Life' pattern holographically spherized, to have a mental-visual representation of how these scenarios are interlinked.

There is so much that needs to be undertaken if the level of civilization we have developed up until this point is going to survive through these times of star system & planetary electromagnetic energy field fluctuations. There can no longer be any ignorance or denial. We owe it to ourselves, and our currently in place Organizational and Governing structures {Tri-Lateral Commission ~ Military/Industrial/Hollywood Complex} owe it to us the human species, and our potential descendants. There is Sovereignity in here that is being violated, and Trust in the Human Spirit. The United States Government is one of the most {ir}responsible heathens. The Founding Fathers of our beloved country, This United States of America, designed this country to serve as a role model among nations. America's purpose was to bring this planets state of affairs to a certain point and significant enough level so that in co-ordination a Global Level Governance, Organizational, Development, & Management Overstructure could be Created & Maintained. There are many people who have a great fear that there will be instituted a New World Order & One World Government through the establishment of martial law; turning our developed level of civilization into a Global Police State. This is not the pathway humanity is being revealed he should follow. There are many planet rocking obstacles in humanity's very near approaching future. In reality, this is what the whole significance of these end times reveals.
There are some very serious decisions that must be made - with clarity, discernment and scrutiny. At this point, we are being denied our potential future by certain factions and groups of individuals who seek to withold information from the masses. There are no easy answers to this scenario that "We the Curious Human Species Find Ourselves Within". The United States Government & Other Nations Governments are well aware of the fact that there are different species of extraterrestrials involved behind the scenes in this Planet Earth's State of Affairs. All stops are being pulled out, and there is a planetary level LIGHT GEOMETRY infiltration underway in full force. The Founding Fathers of our beloved country foresaw these times, Nostradamus foresaw these times, Edgar cayce foresaw these times. All of the prophecies, and calculatable time lines point to the sequence/segment of time we are within right now, leading into the next 25 or so years. These are the most significant and crucial times we have been within upon Earth in the past 13,000 earth-solar revolutions. We are literally having deja vu as a species, the higher level collective mind field/energy blueprint matrix is being downstepped into human consciousness. This occurs through a mechanism which to be understood, the loophole circuit must be completed within the brain-nervous system of the individual recipient. It is my hope that through reading through this presentation of my experience some clarity and insight has been gained.
Each individual has the ability to open up to the Unlimited Envisions that more cohesively describe with clarity the reality we exist within. Once the Unlimited Envisions begin to co-alesce and arise, the shimmmering symmetry and blazing truth of our Illumined Core & Stellar Ancestral Heritage will be revealed to not just the elite - BUT FOR ALL. These are the kind of information levels, cogniscient awareness, and presentations that we are seeking to bring forth. Towards the integration of Science and Spirituality and awakening into the Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom, Alchemical Stellar Gnosis once again achieved. It is time for the anchoring our Omni-Dimensional Perceptual Capabilities, once again. This is how I see the 21st Century, its time to go Omni-Dimensional. This is one aspect to the purpose of Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 | Project Homeworld. Thankyou for sharing in this with us.
With Much Love & Sincerity - Combined with Just Cause & Universal Tenacity
Daniel Ryan {O'rion^Heart}
Stephanie Fuchser {Zeta^Eyes}
Co-Founders & Co-Creators
Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012
Project Homeworld | Omicron Destiny
The Golden Capstone Replaced - Humanities All Seeing/All Knowing Eye Opened Completely
Divine Man - Adam Kadmon - Leonardo DaVinci
Divine Man - Adam Kadmon - Leonardo DaVinci

Flower of Life Pattern Divider
I have contacted numerous countless individuals in relation to these experiences and the overall information levels involved. One individual who I wrote to was Paul LaViolette. I wrote to Paul after viewing his website in April 1999 delineating the first overhead flyover I experienced, he was kind enough to respond; here it is
Dear Daniel,
Your aerial vehicle experience sounds quite interesting. Your description of how the propulsion system felt to you sounds very plausible. Your report that you felt the propulsion drive vibration, rather than heard it, checks with reports others have made of close encounters. I believe that the US has developed such vehicles. But this does not necessarily mean that you encountered one of ours. Your description resembles the type of vehicles that were repeatedly sighted in the area of Brewster, New York in the early 1980s. I have written a bit about electrogravitics in one chapter of "Subquantum Kinetics" and in a paper about the B-2 that appears in the book "Electrogravitics Systems." However, the vehicle you cited uses a different type of propulsion from what I describe there. I am guessing that some of your questions inquire along the lines of some of the information you received in your encounter. As for the Sun changing location in the galaxy on a 26,000 year cycle, my book "Earth Under Fire" does describe the gravitational effects of superwaves which arrive with a period approximating the 26,000 year precessional cycle, and in some cases occurring at half cycle intervals. The motion would be radial with respect to the Galactic center. Your intuitions on the creation of the universe conform to what I present in "Beyond the Big Bang" and "Subquantum Kinetics." It is the idea that the explicit order (physical universe) arises as a manifestation of the preexisting implicit order (underlying structured etheric processes). These terms are analogous to Bohm's terms implicate or explicate, however with some differences. I point out the differences in Beyond the Big Bang. Your website is very impressive and your writings are very mind expanding

Best wishes,
Paul LaViolette
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Final Thoughts & Simultaneous Synchronicities Inside Now :)
As I outlined this page over the past couple of hours, it has given me the opportunity to gain some clarity; especially in relation to the way that things have been rapidly developing within my own life - also revealing what is arising from within the depths of humanities collective Heart-Soul-Star. Please Read through the Articles that I have Posted on the Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 | Project Homeworld Main Front Page. Throughout the past 5 years the experiences I have had have taken me to the extremes of experience beyond anyone else I have personally known who is my age {23 years as I write this, 02/23/1976}. I have definitely increased my capability to tune into these seeminly hyperspatial sources of intelligence. I have also refined and clarified the vibrational frequencies I am willing to allow to interface or probe my mental energy field. Our One Year Anniversary was on September 21, 1999. Around this Anniversary, we created a Manifestation Experiemnt. This is outlined on the Original Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 website. Stephanie and I also were almost struck by lightning about a month and a half before Unlimited Envisions one year anniversary, this story will have to wait for another time :)
Tonight as I typed this up, I thought about the significance of 'Omicron Destiny' and the vision that I beheld on October 18, 1999. This is when I saw the Silicate Based Represenation of the Solar Deity or the Higher Dimensional Geometric form of the Lion/Sphinx on the Giza Plateua. I feel that I have been sincerly guided in outlining this presentation and overview of my personal experience. Let me recount the Vision from October 18, 1999:
I am laying here with my eyes closed working on relaxing my mind. The further I relax my mind I begin to see this Solar Lion Deity then the scene shifts and I begin to think of unicorns; something that I have not ever thought about before. I hear an internal dialog that says ""Only one Unicorn exists in each world". I asked what the unicorn looked like that existed in my world. As I thought formed this question, the internal visualizations then further began to shift. Here is what I saw. I saw the lion in its higher dimensional geometry form. As I observed the Lion/Sphinx on the Giza Plateau, it stood up. As it stood up, the image of the lion was overlaid with a horses physiology. Next the face underwent a transfiguration, and it acquired a phoenix head and spread its wings. As it spread its wings, the image further shifted to reveal the Sphinx in its Higher Dimensional Geometry Form. The Horse-Phoenix began to gallop; flapping its beautiful wings. As it lifted off the ground it completed its transformation. Before my eyes was beheld a beautiful Pegasus. This Pegasus had a Single Horn with a Di-Strand Spiral, like a Unicorn. I would say this is the Silicate Based representation and Original Imprint of the Solar Deity. I saw that with the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star anchored the Di-Strand DnA Spiral of the Lion/Sphinx & Serpent became a Silicon Crystalline based Matrix of the Pegasus Unicorn, an Omicron {being ridden by an Alpha Centaurian - Relates to Conjecture below about Greek Mythologies perception of the 'Centaur'}.
Omicron Destiny Completely Anchored
A couple of side notes before I continue. While I was working on outlining this page, I was guided to visit Bob Lazar's website; which I never had before. On his site there is some very interesting information. It oulines two flight configurations for a 'Sports Model Interdimensional & Interstellar Transportation Vehicle'. The first configuration is 'Delta', this is when one of these vehicles is "Using Gravity for Interstellar Travel". The Second configuration is guess what ... 'Omicron'; this is when one of these vehicles is 'Traveling near surface of planet or moon'. See link to Bob Lazar's site below. Omicron is the 15th Letter of the Greek Alphabet, a small 'o'. Quite a while back, when I first did my the writings I have that are Alpha Draconian Transmissions; I figured out that the 'Omicron Star System' is in the 'Draconis Constellation' and is Bi-Nary. Omicron Draconis has a fine colour contrast, orange and blue. Magnitudes 4.7, 7.5; PA 326, separation 34.2".
As I was outlining this page, I was also thinking about the recent direct visual cogniscience & telepathic thought form communication I achieved with an 'Alpha Centaurian' intelligence on November 5, 1999. While doing research for this Alpha Centaurian page, I found out that the Rockets that Launched the Cassini Probe were 'Centaur Class'. So I am trying to discern things, it is now clear to me that their is an 'Interior or Secret Government'. There was a Bilderberg Summit in Portugal in June of 1999.

So I am thinking about all of these conjectural points; especially taking into consideration they mythological association of the Centaur. The 'Centaur' is from Greek Mythology, a creature that has the lower torso and phsyiology of a horse; and from the waste up the physiology of a man. In Greek Mythology, the man half posesses only one eye. On November 5th, when I achieved Visual Cogniscience & Telepathic Mental Energy Field Lock with this Alpha Centaurian being; I perceived it in higher dimensional geometric form. The Alpha Centaurians exist beyond Biological, Elctromagnetic, or Silicate based Life form represenations. This being was looking directly at me, like a holographic projection upon my internal visual field; it only posessed one eye - where humanity is purported to have our third eye. This is the All Knowing-All Seeing Eye, or Ajna; it is spoken of throughout every single mystery schools teachings and our religious belief systems. It is Posessed by fully cognsicient & illumined humans as well as the Creator Level Beings. The Gods are Purported to be 'Omni-Scient', it seems that 'Man is God'; this Species being a Humane Creation. The Golden Capstone is being Replaced upon the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau in Egypt, it is time for the remembrance of the Truth of this Humane Creations Stellar Ancestral Heritage. It would be very wise if Humanity created a 'Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality', also a Global Bio-Regional Network of Multi-Media, Education, Research and Application/Design Centers for Planetary Management & World Development.
I would like to re-orient the Greek Mythological representation of the 'Centaur', and see it replaced to its original visualization. I see Omicron, the Pegasus Unicorn being ridden by a being that appears to be a very humane creation and only posesses an illumined third eye. This being is what is known as in the realms from whence he comes as a 'SuperLuminal', possessing both Masculine and Feminine Characteristics blended into an androgynous expression of Spirit beyond Biological, Electromagnetic, or Silicate Crystalline Based Life form representatations. Within my own self, I have come to acknowledge that their does exist a 'Tri-Lateral Commission'; which can be viewed as the 'Military-Industrial-Hollywood Complex'. Please Note the Use of the Pegasus by Tri-Star Pictures, which is a subsidary of Sony Pictures Entertainment {SPE - SONY being S)tandard O)il of N)ew Y)ork - Rockefeller Family}

There has been involvement by the United States Government in Affairs dealing with the Extraterrestrial Presence upon this Planetary Homeworld, a Beloved Jewel; our Mother Earth. It is my honest opinion that we now posess aerial vehicles that do not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance or known aircraft design specifications. It is also my honest opinion that not only do other inhabited worlds exist, but that there are beings from other inhabited worlds visiting our planet right now. There presence is becoming increasingly apparent; as is their influence on the overall evolutionary growth & development of the Human Species. Our Government has Sold the Inhabitants of this Planet for High Technology to the Service to Self Oriented Zeta-Reticuli who are being overseen by the Service to Self Oriented Alpha Draconians. I would like to make a conjectural note that these are not the same Alpha Draconians who are in Alliance with the Andromedan Council & O'rion Syndicate.

While I was finishing outlining this Sacred Web Page; another synchronicity was achieved; it seems that I am onto something extremely hot :)! I decided that I was going to find a visual image of the 'Tri-Star Pegasus'. I typed into the Infoseek Search Engine 'TriStar Pictures', I clicked on a link that brought up 'Sony Pictures Entertainment' main home site. I had about 5 or 6 windows open and was multi-tasking in between the browser windows, photoshop and homesite. I clicked back over to the window where 'Sony Pictures Entertainment' was loaded. Right there at the top of the screen in their advertisement scroller was guess what, low and behold' an advertisement for 'Omikron - The Nomad Soul' {A Video Game}.

For me, this is some serious confirmation that not only are the extraterrestrials here right now; but I am on the right track - looks like a very hot trail is unfolding ! You who has read this far is a part of this story, how does it make you feel ? It may be one of the most visually crystal clear that will ever be presented upon this planet; this is the target lock Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 | Project Homeworld is in synchronization with. Nothing less than not only the complete and total shifting and re-orientation of our perceptual framework and guiding visualizations provided by the mass media but also the structures of our entire developed level of civilization.
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¤ We are calling for Full Disclosure by the United States Government & The Other Nations Governments of the Extraterrestrial Presence in Earths State of Affairs, as it relates to the whole scope and spectrum of their Involvement. This includes adressing many issues within the public sector and for the general public's scrutiny:

1. The Zeta-Reticuli species involvement in abducting humans & Alpha Draconians Role in Overseeing these operations.

2. The US Government Military's Involvement in back-engineering aeriel vehicles of otherworld origin, and subsequent realeasing of this technology into certain corporations within different sectors of the WW2 industry continuing up until today.
¤ We are calling for the Establishment of Planet Earth as a Sovereign World. This includes acknowledging the probabilities & potential reality of the extraterrestrial presence here today. In this Case, an "Inter-Species Alliance Treaty" must be formulated. This Treaty will outline the Humane Creation, our Human Species role upon this planet; and also our purpose within the greater architecture of sentience and creation that is woven through us and that we are an intrinsic and integral part of.
¤ We are calling for the De-Centralization of the Tri-Lateral Commission {Military-Industrial-Hollywood Complex Stronghold}, through the establishment of a Global Network of Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design Centers for Planetary Management & World Development.
¤ We call for the Decomissioning of all Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, and Electromagnetic Weaponry; and the erasure of warfare from the face of this planet earth.
¤ We call for a Healing of every Ailment that Afflicts Humanities Collective Soul, and the Releasal of all Ancestral Mass Karma; both through Genetic Chromosonal Family Lineages & also Contractual Agreements that are not in alignment with the Principles a trust in GoD entails {G)eneral O)rder of D)irection}. The New Order of The Ages Has Arrived, its time to heal the splits in between races and nations. The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy Shall Become Manifest !
These ailments have caused a split in between humanities heart and soul, the masculine and feminine characteristics within us, our left and right brain hemispheres, our sciencetific models and our relgious institutions, the structures of both the world view and entire developed level of civilization we have manifested at the close of the 20th Century. Now it is time to re-begin the great work. We must manifest, erect, and create not only a whole entire way of life and perception as we enter the 21st Century. We must also re-orient the entire substructure of our developed level of civilization. This will in time unfold into what shall become called 'Project Homeworld'.
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If you wish to see what we are working towards unfolding continue forward, please support us in this endeavor; write to us for correspondance :). If you have read this far, we are also asking that you send our HomeSite URL to 12 Individuals in your Contact List, we are asking those people who have received an email from an individual who had read this far on the page and you have now read this far on the page to please send an email to 12 People in your Contact List. In this way each individual acts like a spore releaser. We are doing work towards the Greater Good of All Under Direct Universal Guidance - Through Harmony, Understanding, Compassion & Knowledge - in alignment with the Guardian Alliance |Overseer-Caretaker Branch| and an Omicron Destiny in our Targets Locked Scope ! Soon enough things will increase in momentum signficantly many times fold :)

Thankyou, your participation and energetic blending is a blessing !
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Maybe in The 21st Century, the Tri-Lateral Comission Will Get its Symbolism Correct, this should be a Pegasus Unicorn !

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