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Project Homeworld - Towards Omicron Destiny

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Initiative Launched December 13, 1999 - Your Manifestation Assistance, Participation & Investment Is Necessary ! Project Homeworld - Global Initiative towards Intelligent Planetary Management, World Development and Guidance to Earth's Inhabitants

This Implementation Strategy & Network Diagrams above are part of a Greater Proposal called the "State, National & Global Sustainable Communities Strategic Vision Planning Initiative." It was composed originally by a man named Christopher Belknap of 'Earth Design Synergy' around Earth Day in 1995. This Proposal also contains articles and other briefs outlining Christopher's active work & participation with the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio-De Janeiro; as well sustainable community development in Hawaii {Ohana Eco Villages}. It also contained the Conceptual Diagrams for what I view as serving as Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media, Education, Research & Application/Design Centers. Christopher calls these 'Nodes' "Global Co-Visionary Strategic Planning & Communication Centers". I was originally shown this Global Network of Central Information Processing, Storage & Dissemination Nodes in 1995 - when my awakening process began.

I was shown these Centers in Tandem with receiving the imprint of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix in 1995. I have come to understand that here are many many interlinked scenarios unfolding upon this planet, also many agendas. I visualize the Flower of Life Pattern in holographic spherical form to mentally conceive of how these scenarios are inter-related. Essentially I was shown this precognitively and then guided to Christopher, an architect and the man who had done the work & posessed the conceptual diagrams and philosophy for what I had been shown. This was & still is one aspect of my original purpose for creating Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012; the implementation & active unfoldment of Christopher's Proposal. The work we are here to undertake involves the complete and total re-orientation and restructuralization of our entire developed level of civilization. I would like to see this become a Globally Co-Ordinated Initiative, involving the United Nations as well as organizations from every sector of Humanities Endeavors called: 'Project Homeworld'.

The Initiative Graphic Above has only been slightly modified from its original version. When I originally spoke with Christopher on the telephone, and in my subsequent email followups; I made it clear that it was my intention to take his work {spirit willing} into the next phase of its blossoming through co-ordinated implementation into actual physical manifestation. It is uncanny, the fact of the matter; I was shown these centers visually more than 2 years before locating Chris on December 25, 1997. I have written descriptions of these centers over a year before I located him {I did not have a computer until May of 1998, nor did I have any idea when I originally wrote about these centers that there were others who shared the same vision}. There is no Copyright on the Hard Copy Proposal/Initiative that Chris sent me and I was given permission to utilize some of the elements he composed. I want to personally thank you; Christopher Belknap :).

It is my sincerest hope, and the Ultimate Purpose and Intention of Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 to insure that we embody our Original Intended Blueprint fullfil our potential and unfold a Destiny that becomes Omicron. Through Strategic Co-Ordination and an Aligned Vision we can overcome the tendencies within ourselves that only seek to destroy that which we inhabit; our developed level of civilization and this precious & beloved mother earth. With our entrance into the 21st Century and the interlinked scenarios and world shifting obstacles we are facing collectively as a species, it is now time to take this proposal into the light: for serious consideration. There is a vast and great storehouse of dormant potential within us that is aching to be unleashed. This is occurring within a great many individuals. The time to re-begin the great work once again has arrived, the 'New Order of the Ages' is here ! It is time for the Tri-Lateral Commission to be Decentralized.

I put out a call to our Worlds Leaders & our 20th Century Civilization's Governing Systems, the World Banks, Oil Corporations & Entire Industrialized World, as well as this this world's Richest Families asking that this proposal to Intelligently Manage & Develop our Planetary Civilization as well as provide a Proper Guiding Vision to the Inhabitants be chosen. With a Global Network of Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design Centers many of the Strains/Obstacles the Level of Civilization we have developed will be put through as time unfolds could intelligently & rationally be navigated through. These centers will give us the potential capability to model scenarios utilizing satellite live feeds. With this capability the potential exists to make choices that will have a overall potential benefit to every planetary inhabitant. We will enter the 21st Century with the Structures in Place giving us an Opportunity to Properly Manage & Develop this World. I would like to see a 'Project Homeworld Fund' Created. If you posess resources, knowledge, or any other level of guidance and assistance; this proposal necessitates a massive strategically co-ordinated effort. If you have anything to offer, Please Contact Us :).

Email From Christopher Belknap, 3/28/1998
Hi Daniel - Sending you this advanced email of a letter and package of material that I am sending you today.

First off thanks for sending me your written description of your meditation / transformational experiences. I can relate to parts of your experience personally though everyone’s experience is unique. In my case I had a very powerful visitation by what I would call a light being during a meditation back in 1984 that produced a physical sensation of becoming vibrating light that last about a 90 seconds. It has happened during meditation about three times since though not in along time. Also because I was involved in my Aikido practice and Siddha Yoga as well as many other transformational classes at the time, I was inspired to take action to assist in what ever way I could our community from my architectural background. This led to the global thinking and efforts that are recorded in The State, National &Global Sustainable Communities Strategic Vision Planning Initiative that I am sending you in this package.

Enclosed you will also find Pure Vision based on the flower of life matrix described in the accompanying flyer. This mandala expresses some of what you described in the transformation of Earth to a star. {Side Note: This Print Chris Sent me is similar to some of the Sacred Geometry Graphic Design I have been doing recently}

At this time in my life I am definitely removed from being active in this kind of work having a year ago married Maica. Most of what I am doing is normal architecture, saving for a home and preparing to have a family. I spent almost 16 years on the efforts described in the brief. Maica and I both intend in about 10 years to become more involved again but for now we are building our own foundation so that what we do can be sustained. Much of what I accomplished before was done with out fully taking care of my own needs and I am learning not to over extend myself which I have found to be very easy to do.

I believe that all life is a lesson for the growth of our spirit. I also have faith that it is all unfolding perfectly and it is that vision combined with the daily actions that we take that change our lives and the world. I do not react to any thoughts of world calamity whether it comes from my “spiritual friends” or the world at large.

Your story indicates that you are apparently a very evolved soul being reawakened which is a great gift and responsibility. I highly recommend finding a group in your area that has some meditation practice that is compatible to you. I recommend that you contact on the Internet, Barbara Marx Hubbard and seek out books that she has written because she, as far as I know, is really the originator of the concept of the vision centers. All I have done is carried the batton for a little while in my commmunity and added what I could from my architectural experience. Aikido was very important to me as was Siddha Yoga. I would definitely stay away from all drugs and alcohol. A vegetarian diet is best for getting clear guidance. Also what you ask for in your inner most thoughts has everything to do with what you receive so living a pure life is best to the degree that you can. This is where all the work really occurs.

Daniel that’s all for now. I hope what I am sending you brings more clarity to your search. My best wishes and thoughts go to you.

Aloha Chris*
Taken from Original Notes November 11, 1996 - Updated & Expanded December 11, 1999
Here is how I saw these centers could potentially function. First of all this is about creating an entirely new Global Governing & Educational Over-Structure as we enter the 21st Century. There is so much work that needs to be undertaken by a great many individuals within this collective. I feel very strongly this is the work I am here to undertake; also the mission I chose to participate in. These Centers would operate in Tandem with the 'Global Council of Nations & Association of Elders' {a transformed 21st Century United Nations}. This would allow for the inter-dependant co-operation in between all nations of people on earth. I see these Central Information Nodes assisting us in overlaying our pre-existing 20th Century Global Political, Social, Ethnic, Religious, Scientific and Educational structures, with an overstucture that is flowering from within our owselves. This Opening Within Ourselves is allowing for a shifting transformation to our Developed Civilization's Governing Structures as they now exist.

We must adopt an entirely new mindset; one that is willing to take into consideration with scrutiny the questions humanity is seeking to have answered. This mindset will additionally allow decision to be made with higher degrees of discernment and clarity. In reality it is not 'New' at all, but 'Ancient-Futuristic'. It is time for us as individuals and collectively to address the operating principles upon which we have built our World View and entire way of life within the 20th Century. We must face a shifting to certain belief systems as they relate to core truths regarding to our Ancestral Heritage & Familial Lineages; also address the reality of precognitive foreknowledge and this Humane Creation, our Species Potential Destiny. There are many issues that must be brought into the light and dealt with intelligently. These issues ultimately affect each and every single human, and this entire earth herself.

By global I mean having a comprehensive understanding of the living sphere we have named Earth. A recognition of the communication that goes on in between species subliminally. A knowing that the earth is a self-sustaining living organism, regulated through inter-species activity; as delineated in James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis. It is time to acknowledge & utilize an understanding that survival of all components of the living system is directly related to the state of ecological balance. By global I also mean conception of new models of understanding Universal Organization and the Governing Laws at all Dimensional Levels. This necessitates adopting the mindset mentioned above, one that sees the pieces that compose the whole as well as the whole that the pieces compose. A 'Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality' would carry part of the responsibility of organizing humanities entrance into perceiving the previously non-acknolwedged and unknown worlds that exist beyond our solely physiological 5-sense spectrum.

There are two visual images that come to mind and can be used to clarify within oneself an understanding of how a primate based bi-pedal hominid species could Formulate, Maintain, Manage, Develop & Govern a Globally Sunstainable Civilization. We are essentially in the process of birthing an entirely new life form organism upon this world, a fledgling planetary civilization on the brink Solar & Galactic Spore Releasal. If we as humanity collectively orient ourselves correctly, within the next 25 years the potential in every sector of research, application, design & development could create an entirely new world. The Potential also exists to completely wipe off the face of this earth, the world we have created today. A Sustainable Civilization is aching to become manifest upon Earth; one that is in alignment with the original intention and purpose for humanity's creation & evolution. Human Beings were created with the potential to activate our inherent capabilities and fully functioning operational parameters, utilizing the entirety of our whole brains and beings. At this point in time there is a great re-alignment within our individualized and collective consciousness & gyrospectrum lens scopes underway. This process is shiftting and re-calibrating our worldview, opening up previously non-perceived angles of conjecture; also more coherent thought forming tendencies.

This Transformational Gestation & Birthing Process is also opening up our Hearts. Our Hearts serve the most important purpose in this whole unfoldment and are also the focus that opens up the doorway in between the world we inhabit today, and the world our souls are seeking to birth. Our acceptance of our own heart is the biggest step we can make in healing the split within our own selves as well as in between genders and every race or nation upon this Earth.

The first mental image or model that is useful that many have become familiarized with through the work of individuals like Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, and Peter Russel is the Neusphere or Global Brain {cyberspace?}. This views the creation of a Global Mode of Planetary Management & World Development with humans interconnected around the entire planet in the same way as the dendritic neuronal structures within the neo-cortex of our brains. The other model or mentally imaged overlay I was given that clarifies how the Global Brain would function is to visualize the centers strategically located around the planet as being Octopus {shaped}. The natural world (us within it) contains the model to follow. For this mental visualization; the tentacles radiating outward from the central nodes should be overlaid with a spiders web {Surrounding the Earth}. The spider web represents the fiber optic & satellite telecommunication's grid internetwork we have creatied. The Octopus {Shaped} Centers are the physical-plane extensions (buildings, computers, instruments, labs) or what I have come to view as Global Bio-regional Multi-Media Education, Research and Application/Design Centers. There ultimate purpose would be Intelligent Planetary Management, World Development & Guidance to Earth's Inhabitants. These Centers are also where the Global Council of Nations & Association of Elders will assemble and would operate upon the principles delineated once a 'Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality' has been formed.

Originally the target for this Global Network of Centers to have been completely erected was by our entrance into the 21st Century, crossing the millenium thresh hold of the year 2000; with these Nodes in Place. Unfortunately, the importance of this Proposal has not yet been recognized as a necessary element and step towards continuance and sustainability of our Developed level of Civilization. You who has viewed this page, and read through this proposal are the most important element towards the manifestation and unfoldment of Project Homeworld & an Unlimited Envision. Even in the complete wholeness of an Individuals Vision, it is still but a mere fragment when not Interwoven Together with the Whole Visions of other Individuals. This is the most important aspect of the Flower of Life Pattern. It teaches us how everything is in reality interlinked and inter-related. At a Quantum Level there is no separation in the woven tapestry, humanity and this Universal Creation are One.

The 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Imprint has Been Fully Anchored, Spore Releasal & Vibrational Amplitude Adjustment is Underway. Now it is time to begin the great work once again, entering into the next octave {Omni-Dimensional Hyper~Space}. The seeds that were planted by a great many key individuals with Harmonic Convergence in 1987, have grown into a rembrance of the original conceptual framework; and the truth of our Human Species Stellar Ancestry. The Dawn has Breeched the Horizon ! It is Time to Recognize the Imminence of Species Wide, Developed Level of Civilization Paradigm Shift. The 21st Century Has Arrived ! A Neo-Civilization Shall Become Manifest Upon the Physical Dimensional Levels of the Planet. In GoD 'WE The Inhabitants of Earth' Trust [G}eneral O}rder of D}irection]. Through Strategically Co-Ordinated Action and an Unlimited Envision focused with the Heart-Soul-Star, we Shall Achieve Monumental Shifts to this Developed Civilization & World.

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Original Draft 1991 - Christopher Belknap
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - Christopher Belknap

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