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Spinning Triangle with Sphere Inside
Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 - One Year Anniversary
Your Participation is a Blessing. We are seeking 2,012 Individuals to Invest $12.00. In exchange; we will send you a hard copy of the 12 DnA Strand Cosmic Mandala, an extended written description of the Mandalas Symbolism with Anchoring Meditation, and a color print out of the Human and Merkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Fields Graphic. The 'Original Intended Blueprint' is Here ! Our Address, and further instructions are at the very bottom of this page :)
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Fullfillment of Unlimited Envisions:

Before I proceed with outlining what the other 4,144 dollars will be used for. We would like to take a few minutes and offer another prayer of gratitude and thankfulness to the creator of all that is, and the entire universe. I can truly see Stephanie and Myself opening up to the abundance that we now have the capability to manifest. I see this beginning to occur for each and every single one of us. I am imagining myself, as I sit here being surrounded by the most opalescent and radiant luminous field of energy. I am sitting here visualizing this superluminal electromagnetic field surrounding you as well. Stephanie is here with me and we are both holding this visualization. Each one of you is sitting here, after having read through this; in a process of grounding a larger understanding into our individualized conceptual notions. In this process we are grounding these energies into the fields that we are woven within. I am visualizing myself being grounded down into the Iron Crystalline Core of The Earth, through my root chakra. I am visualizing myself as existing as a circuit, in alignment with the Schematic of the 'Original Intended Blueprint' and the Master Key Template of Divinity Underlying Everything {Through the Tri-Une Weaving of the Universal Life Force, its Inherent Animating Intelligence - From Within Outwards Internested In Looping Matrices - The Spiral Fractalline Geometry of the Creational Template - Form and Formlessness Simultaneously - All Subroutines are Contained Within Your DNA}.

I can feel Stephanies and my consciousness joined with yours, our hearts beating in sympathetic resonance. We are one, whole within ourselves; our energies blended and extended to each of ourselves magnifies this generative force more extensively {each one of you reading this - in the space you are located - open yourself up to feeling this energy now}. We open our gyro-spectrum internal visual lens scopes {conscious awareness/mental energy fields}, herein is located the 3rd eye - also our intuitive and empathic direct cogniscience. Existing within our mental energy field there lies a holographic projection-like capability. Before we continue, lets take a few minutes and completely center ourselves in stillness. Take seven deep breaths, inhaling through your nose; and then exhaling with emphasis out your mouths. {I am mine *s*} With the inbreath focus all of the energy from your entire being pulling in towards your heart in a radiant roesegold-emerald opalescence. When you exhale visualize this opalescent luminous ball of energy circuiting through your heart - expand it until it surrounds you in an egg shape and is interfaced into the vibrational pattern of your bio-electromagnetic energy field. Practice this visualization, and hold the focus for 5 minutes each time you do this. It will be most beneficial to you who are assisting in this manifestation if you incorporate such a visualization into your meditations, work with colors in the opalescent spectrum. From within this space, ask to be taken to your internal teacher or the place within yourself where the Luminous Inscriptions have been Cast.

This Graphic Visual is of Supreme Importance Towards Understanding this Entire Manifestation Experiment :)

Human Physiological Structure Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Fields, 12 Petaled Lotus Anchored Into Heart
Symbolizes: Illumination of The Cogniscience Held Within the 12 DNA Strand Cosmic Mandala ~ Original Intended Blueprint

While holding a focus of mindful heart~centeredness visualize from within the Seed Atom Interface into the 144,000 Faceted Diamond Light Etheric Crystalline Core of your Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Field a Miniature Holographic Flower of Life Matrix Sphere of Love {it is rotating counter-clockwise}. Your 'Seed Atom' is an anchor point nodal interface into the quantum~energetic structures that create the holographic projection of your own physiological form through the crysallis of energy into physicalized matter. At these levels is where the 'Original Intended Blueprint" is stored. The 12 DNA Strand Cosmic Mandala I am offering you in exchange for a $12.00 Investment is a Line Drawn Visual Representation of this 'Original Intended Blueprint' {This also includes an extended written description of the Mandalas Symbolism with Anchoring Meditation, and a color print out of the Human and Merkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Field Graphics}. We are still maintaining a meditative focus, visualize the miniature holographic flower of life matrix sphere of love rotating in a counter-clockwise direction until it expands to surround you in a spheroid shape {interfacing into your bio-electromagnetic energy field}. The duality within your perception should be removed, you're energy fields and dual brain hemisphere capabilities are now in a state that is receptive to hyper-spatial communications. Let the flower of Life Matrix Sphere rotate all of the geometries on every single level within your energetic structure. Just relax and feel your energies receiving a tune up. At this point you may want to invoke the presence of St. Germain and his Violet Flame in Addition to whatever other sources of Inspiration or Spiritual Guidance you are in resonance with. Meditate on the Mandala for a Few Moments, ask yourself with sincere honesty: 'How Much is This Vision I have Shared With You Worth'?

The Original Intended Blueprint & our 12 DNA Strand Matrix - Currently Being Re-Drawn
12 DnA Strand Cosmic Mandala - © 1999-2012 Unlimited Envisions Neo-Civilization:2012
Please Invest & Assist Us With This Manifestation Experiment and Global Anchoring Meditation !
Symbolizes: The Original Intended Blueprint of The Human Species, The Return of The Golden Capstone & Awareness of Our Inherent Divine Nature
Our Stellar Ancestral Heritage Is Awakening ! {Redrawn by: Stephanie Fuchser}

There are many of you out there who are familiar with the recently re-introduced knowledge by Drunvalo Melchizadek, Alton and Many Others {btw - I have not taken seminars from either of them - all of this is my thinking - and my material, pretty much every leading edge thinker I have made an attempt to contact has for the most part feigned ignorance towards me}. I have written numerous letters on many mailing lists relating to the various scenarios which are underway - including my stance on the Draconian Influence {As well as David Ickes material}. Even within the Progressive Thought Community there seems to be a level of tension mounting, as if there is a great release of internal bondage and strife that is necessary. Our Species Over-Soul is crying out in pleas for we who hold the torch of illumination to step forward. It is time for the shadows to be cast away. In the cave of our minds eye the spider symbolizes both the dreamer and the weaver. The web of life that is our Planet Earth. Our Teachers are Returning. They are speaking to us on wavelengths that are adjusting the subconscious patterns that have held our species in bondage for thousands of years. What was once taken away many, many thousands of years ago, with the involvement and through decisions made by other species is coming back online. It is time for the Ancient, Ancient, Ancient, Ancient Mystery School Teachings; The Original Core of Knowledge to be Returned into its Rightful hands. You and Me, every single other brethren spirit of kin also {Our Entire Species}.

For those of you who live in fear of the Zeta_Reticuli, Negative Repitllians and Secret Government Agendas; I encourage you to invoke the presence of the Ascended Master Yeshua Christos and the Guardian Alliance {This includes the Enlightened Zeta_Reticuli, Certain Reptillian Factions, Pleidian Emissaries of Light, Sirian Archangelic Tribes of Light, The Arcturian Council, The Andromedan-O'rion Syndicate, the Hathors as well as countless numerous other species - Please Refer to 'Voyagers | The Sleeping Abductees: Volume 1' by Anna Hayes for more insight into the Zeta_Reticuli Agenda & The Guardian Alliance}. Let me bring this back to a point of focus and seal this manifestation into the fabric of our consciousness from another angle.

At the Central Axis of the Cosmic Mandala exists the 'Star of David' and a 6 Pointed Star. As we have all become aware, the 'Star of David' is a two dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional dual~inverted tetrahedral form called a 'Merkaba'. A Merkabah is loosely defined as any vehicle made of light, sound, color and consciousness in which an individual being or group may travel through space or beyond time {utilizing their whole brain and extended cognitive & perceptual capabilities}. This is the Ancient Science of the Atlanteans & Lemurians - The Law of One; Metatron, Enoch & Melchizadekian Physics {Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality}. You can use the meditational focus provided above in conjuction with the 12 DNA Strand Cosmic Mandala that Oulines our Human Species 'Original Intended Blueprint' to essentially attune your Heart Beat with the Pulse of the Planet, our Star and the cosmological genesis of our Stellar Ancestral Heritage itself. The reason for this Manifestation Experiment is not solely to gain publicity or generate some income, its true purpose lies much deeper. I am asking each and every single one of the 2,012 participating individuals to serve as an anchor point on September 21st, 1999. I would actually like to Co-Ordinate a Global Meditation around Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012's Anniversary. You who are participating will hold in your hands a copy of the 12 DnA Strand Cosmic Mandala, 2012 Individuals meditating and opening themselves up into these levels on September 21, 1999 will allow for a furthering of the influx of Christed Energies and will Signify that this larger worldview we are seeking to birth can become a potential reality !

Merkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Energy FieldAlignment Must Occur Through Our HeartsMerkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Field

Only Through A Heart Locked Focus,
Can the Human Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Fields be Aligned So The Merkaba Can be Utilized.

For those of you who are familiar with the teachings of Greg Braden, Tom Kenyon and many of the other leading edge thinkers; there is a scientific basis for the processes that are underway. I would like to thank all of these individuals who have worked towards bringing the pieces together into presentable manifestations, from a scientifically correlatable spiritually oriented stance. I have not had any real teachers or much guidance upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet, I am only now beginning to find mentors. The way I do understand things has come to me and been formed through a strong connection to my own oversoul source of spiritual guidance {Including this Manifestation Experiment}, the books I have read and personal experiences I have had throughout the past 23 years {I have only read 2 books in the past 1 1/2 years !}.

I will give you one guess what the 6 Pointed Star inside the 'Star of David' in the 12 DNA Strand Mandala Represents. What did you guess ? Can you see yourself in non-physical form ? I have a feeling that you might be one of the 2,012 individuals who are necessary for Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2102's One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiment and Birthday Wish to become fully anchored into the Planetary Grids. Thankyou So Very Much for your time & presence of mind up until this point, I assure you that it has not been and will not be wasted.

Our Beloved Mother Earth - A Glistening Jewel In Space - It is Time To Assume our Role as Guardians & Caretakers !

Our Mother Earth, A Beloved Jewel - We Must Assume Our Role as Guardians and Caretakers

I have outlined within this Manifestation Experiment to the best of my ability the whole scope of how I perceive things, what I would like to see unfold; and how I would like to become involved. Stephanie and I are very sincere, and we both have put a tremendous amount of heart felt soul searching and energy into bringing this into form. Everything which I have outlined above exists as potential to become manifest if this experiment works correctly. I would like to share with you a little bit more of my life experience as well as outline what the remaining $4,144 dollars will be used for. This is in actuality the most important part of the manifestation experiment and our biggest reason for bringing this forth. Our physiological structures are the vehicles through which we express ourselves upon this planet. Without them all we know as Humanity could not exist upon this world. We are individuals within a greater collective, each individual human a single cell in the greater organism of 'Our Human Species'. I am asking you to consider the potential that we as individuals working together through strategically co-ordinated activities have the potential to alter the course of our potential future. Stephanie and I are very thankful for the opportunity we have been given to share Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 with you; we are also very thankful for your participation in this Manifestation Experiment. Here is how the rest of the money would be used:

View from the Stream that Runs at The Base of Cathedral Rock {Sedona, Arizona}The Hathors Presence is Strongly Present in the Red Rock VicinityBell Rock - Purported to be the Location of a Strong Grid Vortex {Sedona, Arizona}

Sedona, Arizona - Future Home-Base For Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012

Well, you have read all the way through Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012's One Year Anniversary 'Manifestation Experiment' and Birthday wish for Sustainability, Abundance, Growth, and Infinite Potential within our lives. I have invested a great amount of energies up until this point as it has related to Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012, this investment has been selfless and without expectation of any sort of return whatsoever. I am sitting here this moment feeling my connection to you whose eyes, mind and heart have graced these words, I offer you so many thanks. In closing, I am asking those of you who have read through this whole 'Manifestation Experiment' {You who has decided to become one of the 2,012 necessary individuals for this to become anchored} to forward this One Year Anniversay Birthday Wish Manifestation Intention to at least ~ 12 ~ other individuals. Ideally these will be individuals on your mailing list who are empathic and will have resonance with the overall picture that is in the process of unfolding. It only takes one individual to make a difference, and 2,012 individuals to completely anchor this 'Manifestation Experiment' !

I am sincerly grateful and thankful to be of service to the Anchoring and Embodyment from within Outwards of the 'Original Intended Blueprint' of the Human Species - Towards Illumination of the 144,000 Faceted Etheric Diamond Light Crystalline Core and its Dovetailed Interface Lock Within the Master Key Template of Divinity. Towards unfolding upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet that which our yearning souls desire; a world filled with Unconditional Love and Reverence for all of Sentience and Life within Creation and a Civilization with a World View 'Our Children and Descendants' will be proud to inherit.

This quote from Ronald Landry to me in response to some of my earlier writings pretty much sums it up: "The long-awaited moment of humanitys' collective initiation into spiritual adulthood is nigh, and many human-beings will soon become consciously aware of intergalactic familial affiliations that predate the most ancient scriptures upon Earth today. In instigating a vital process of light-energy invocation for the world, light workers will bridge the existing gulf between mankind and these civilizations which constitute the greater part of its' cosmic family. For the very first time since the original 'creator-gods' walked among men on Earth aeons ago, the human race will know and claim its' heritage as worthy members of a divine society spanning a multitude of worlds and dimensions throughout infinity. This momentous reunification of long-separated celestial families will bring about the initiation of Mother Gaia herself - anticipated for millions of years - as she fulfills a major part of her own spiritual destiny and becomes universally recognized as a sacred planet within our local solar system; one very small but nevertheless important globe among a vast network of stellar systems extending in all directions, pervading the cosmos, and which have been actively functioning as intelligent, living satellites of the Divine Will for long ages."

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012
P.O. Box 44239
Tucson, AZ
85733 - 4239

Please Make Checks or Money Orders out to 'Daniel Ryan'.
Email Us If You Have Any Questions:
Please Mail Your $12.00 Investment to the Address Above. If you include cash, please be sure to fold it inside a piece of paper. Also be sure to include your email address and mailing address. Please allow us a couple of days to mail your 12 DnA Strand Anchoring Packet to you. :)


~ Love Offerings, Deeper Investment & Gifts Warmly Accepted ~
September 21, 1999 | It Already Has Been Manifested, Let The Rain of Blessings Fall !
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Daniel Ryan {O'rion^Heart}
Stephanie Fuchser {Zeta^Eyes}
Co-Founders & Co-Creators
Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012

Circle The Planet in A Grid Pattern of Harmonicz . . . .

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