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The FlameHolders Are Gathering
~ The Flame Holders Are Gathering - Hand In Hand We Shall Walk - Every Planetary Inhabitant ~
^ We Come To You In The Presence of The Jedeja Light Walkers ^

~ One Planet, Our Beloved Mother Earth, This Jeweled Orb | In Synchronization With Father Sun ~

~ Multiple Species Conscious Awareness and Alternate Reality Timelines Have Emerged ~

~ The Humane Creations Heart Soul Star Can Not Be Shackled Any Longer - The DoorWay Is Open - Choices Must Be Made ~

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Welcome to the Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 | Project Homeworld Inteface Page. This Sacred Webspace is being designed to assist individuals in forming a clear understanding that there are many interlinked scenarios underway upon this planet. These Scenarios and Issues Must be brought into the General Collective Awareness and Every Planetary Inhabitants Consciousness. These Scenarios and Issues that we as individuals are facing, are also being faced by the structures of our current developed level of civilization. There are challenging obstacles that must brought into the forefront of our awareness and dealt with through scrutiny, discernment, and diplomacy. This Includes Recognizing the following avenues of Thought or Potential Scenarios Underway:
Increasing Solar Activity - Coronal Mass Ejections, Comets & Other Massive Heavenly Bodies and Their affect On The Inner Solar System, Planetary Electromagnetic Fluctuations, NU-CLEAR, Bio-Logical, and Chemical Weapons Decommissioning & Erasure From Earth, Terrorism, The Y2K Computer Scenario/Evolution of Artificial Intelligence {Biological Synthetic Neural Networks}, Alternative Forms of Energy/Free Energy Principles, Underground Secret Government Military Bases - An Ancient Pre~Flood Tunnel Network, The Extra-Terrestrial Presence & State of Affairs Upon This World, Potential of a Trans-Evolutionary Model of Human Development Through Periodic Guided Intervention, New Propulsion Systems{anti-gravitational, superconductive electromagnetic pulse}, Back/Reverse Engineering of Non-Earth Based Craft, New Aerial Vehicle Designs {Sports Model, Triangular Shaped Craft} Computer Aided Whole Systems Modeling/Virtual Reality, Ancient Wisdom & Mystery School Teachings ~ There Connection to 21st Century Science, Evolution of Human Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Harmonics, Psycho~Acoustics, Language, {Brain Hemispheric Synchronization}, Genetic Engineering {Plant/Human - Dormant~Junk DNA, Potential Latent Capabilites, Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Fields, Woven Etheric Interface~Matrix with Soul}, Nano~Technology, Quantum, Bio, Geo & Astro Physics, Exo-Biology, Earth Changes, New Architectural Forms, Community Development/21st Century Cities of Light & Architectual Layouts, New Transportation Systems, More Evolved Social Structures, Re-Forestation, Bio-Spheric/Toxic and Nuclear Waste Clean-up, Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education-Research & Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development {Octopus Shaped Information-Storage & Dissemination Nodes - Strategically Co-Ordinated Sattelite Communication Centers and Community Level Vision Centers - Higher Universities of Light}, Establishment of a Planetary Curriculum and Educational Standards for the 21st Century, World Population/Birth Control, Our Food Supply & All Other Global Issues Must Be Recognized, Addressed and Dealt With

Click If You Have Had An Experience With a Craft of Otherworld Origins or Design

Do OtherWorlds Exist ? Does the United States Government Or Other Nations Governments Posess Technology of Otherworld Origins ?
Are there Beings & Species from Otherworlds Visiting Earth ?
Published: November 16, 1999

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The Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality

OffLine - Under Development
It Is Our Intention to Manifest and Create a "Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality" Upon the Physical Dimensional Levels of the Planet Within the Public Sector. This 'Foundation' would be Dedicated Towards Research, Education, and Application/Design of Technology, Methodologies, and Progressive Theoretical Scientific Models viewed from within an Extended Perceptual Framework. This Perceptual Framework Acknowledges the Human Brain/Consciousness/Mind Energy Fields Co-Participatory Role in the Formation of Events Observed and Also Uses a Clearer Understanding of Human Bio-electromagnetic & Neuro-Physiological Functioning Parameters.

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Community Development for the 21st Century
Under Development

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