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The Foundation For Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality

Welcome To The Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality Home Site. You have arrived at a Grid Node Destination that exists within a Vortex of Potential for Tremendous Overwhelming Global Planetary Transformation. We give thanks of Gratitude to our Ancestors; and those beings and species which represent the Most Highly Advanced expression of Sentience and Intelligence within Creation. We hear your echoing cries, from beyond time; the Original Intended Blueprint and Unlimited EnVision will be realized & completed.

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Representation of Higher-Dimensional Energy Body of Individualized Human - In Alignment {Artwork: Alex Gray}

As an Individualized Being, we recognize that we exist as an integral participant within a greater structure of energy and larger kingdom of life {Upon this Planetary Homeworld - Our Beloved Mother Earth}. Within ourselves, we acknowledge the presence of the Divine Creative Universal Life Force; and embrace it through our Hearts. Attuned to Higher Will, our sensitivities increse; negative thought~fields dissolve. Within our individualized selves we seek to express the full embodyment of our inherent dormant and latent potential capabilities. We hold within our Awareness the Brilliant Radiance of our Illumined Cores Spark. We seek to utilize our understanding towards intentional direction and in alignment with those Principles which govern the Operation and Functioning of Our Universe {the entire cosmos}, furthering lifes expression.

The Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality acknowledges that there exists a fulcrum point of balance in between all opposing perspectives. Herein lies the seed of all choice {conscious decision making}, power and strength. The oppurtunity to shapeshit, adjust and re-calibrate our perceptual frameworks and world view now exists. The unfolding of this as a potential manifest reality has begun to increase in momentum. We seek to discern the underlying currents of similarity in between seemingly unrelated disciplines. As the dawning of the 21st Century Approaches, we stand at the threshold of previously undiscovered territories existing beyond our fear based perceptual illusions of solely seperate parts.

Geodosic Sphere/BuckyBall - All Points InterConnected
The Ancient~Future Earth~Star Wisdom of Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality Realized

The Foundation for 'Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality' acknowledges and accepts that all frameworks, languages, and perceptual models are tools used by our consciousness to aid in the formation of understanding. They are tools. Just like the development of outward tools in the form of technological progress has increased almost exponentially in advancement. Our models of the universal creation and our place within it must be redefined as well. Our misunderstanding of ourselves and the capabilities and potential we possess has led to a misuse of those principles which govern the creation, completion and functioning of the universe. Our entrance into the 21st century provides a fulcrum point of potential for greater awakening and healing of that deeply held onto ancestral mass karma that has created our feelings which have further seperated us as individuals not only from our higher source selves but also the other inhabitants on this earth world, all species. Now it is time for all that has been lost, misremembered, kept secret and hidden to be revealed into the collective consciousness of the masses minds. This in turn shall initate a global paradigm shift within the hearts and minds of our entire species.

Our supreme focus resides upon the recognition that the structures of our entire developed level of civilization are in the beginning process of being put into question on all levels. We acknowlege this and have choosen to strategically co-ordinate our activities in alignment with the Unlimited Envision. This shall in turn enable us to achieve an Ocatve Lock in synchronization with 'Omicron Destiny' - local quadrant Solar Galactic Orbital Cycle Completion.

Establishing a 21st Century Standard of Excellence in Education, Research & Design | Towards Sustainable Planetary Management & World Development
Sacred Circuit Completed

We Posess the Architectural & Conceptual Diagrams for a network of 'Global, Education, Research & Design Centers' that could be erected at various strategic locations around the Planet. These centers would be connected through the Fiber-Optics & Sattelite Telecommunications Network. They would serve the function as being one aspect of a multi-tiered initiative to establish an entirely new model of Planetary Management & World Development for the 21st Century. I would like to thank 'Christopher Belknap' for providing me with a copy of his 'State, National & Global Sustainable Communities Stategic Vision Planning Initiative'. It inluded the architectural & conceptual diagrams of the Octopus Shaped Centers, exactly as I had been shown precognitively over 2 years earlier.

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