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Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 - One Year Anniversary
Your Participation is a Blessing. We are seeking 2,012 Individuals to Invest $12.00. In exchange; we will send you a hard copy of the 12 DnA Strand Cosmic Mandala, an extended written description of the Mandalas Symbolism with Anchoring Meditation, and a color print out of the Human and Merkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Field Graphics. The 'Original Intended Blueprint' is Here ! Our Address, and further instructions are at the very bottom of this page :)
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First of all, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you who are viewing this web-site. If you are a return visitor who has been along on this ride with me for any amount of time, I am thankful for your presence and contribution to the Unfolding and Anchoring of Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012. If you have just found this website, or arrived here in some unknown way; welcome to an unfolding worldview many of us are beginning to work from within. I am very thankful for the chance and opportunity I have had to correspond and connect with so many individuals, essentially from all over the entire planet. This has been an immense contribution to my own grounding and sanity during this unfolding growth process.

I have put an immense amount of energy, effort, and time into the Seed Creation of Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012. Throughout this website, I have to the best of my capability described what I have been being shown, beginning almost 5 years ago now. This has been my attempt to allow you to get to know me and also my offering to you in the spirit of brother-sisterhood towards all of mankind and all sentient life within this universe itself. The focus I have held and will continue to hold is towards the greater unfoldment from within of our latent and dormant potential capabilities, in addition and above all else this ultimately includes the restructuralization of our entire developed level of civilization. I have poured every ounce of my heart into sculpting the vibrations and thoughtforms contained within the pages outlined throughout my offerings. I have undertaken this as part of my mission without hesitation, in spite of great suffering on many levels as well as the inability to readily maintain stable well being on the physical dimensional levels. I feel that I have learned a few of the lessons/issues within myself I am here to resolve.

I feel that I have an awesome potential and a great amount of pretty keen insight to assist in bringing into the awareness of humanities collective mindfield. As I lay here this moment typing this out, I think back along the timeline of my life and all of the various pathways that have opened up for me. Throughout much of this process even meanwhile holding onto an awareness of the highest of dimensional worlds I have in many ways denied various portions of myself. I am ready to address within myself much of the programming I was raised within, breaking through the frequency boundaries of my comfort zone. I am very thankful and grateful to 'YoU' who are a part of this process, and send each of you whose eyes grace this page "Many Blessings and Much Love" {You Know Who You Are - The One Whose Eyes are Reading This }.

Through Vision Combined with Strategically Co-Ordinated Action {Monumental Shifts through ReCalibration can Be Undertaken}

Tonight as I sit here typing this it is August 20th 1999. This evening, due to the circumstances of my life situation I have been provided with an Experiment, lesson in manifestation, and a grasping reach towards sustainability and abundance in my life. I set within this moment as my intention and heart felt soul connected intuitive alignment, the Unfolding of a necessary piece and the next step within this process for my life. Before I make my proposition and request, I would just like to share some more about myself. For those of you who are not familiar with this site, my name is Daniel Ryan and am 23 years old. I like to think of myself as being somewhat of a visionary. There are still so many things which I would l intend to learn and would like to see initiated and unfolded in my lifetime. Myself and a female friend {Stephanie Fuchser} are currently being allowed to stay rent free with a very kind man named 'Wayne Moody' {In Tucson, Arizona}. You may be familiar with some of the work he does, at one point I was forwarding his 'Earth Dynamics Reports' through the different mailing list networks.

I am the writer and designer behind Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012, I have also collected and pieced together all the graphics on this site. Many of them have been originally created by others and borrowed or given. All of the Sacred Geometry images were created in Photoshop from drawings in the 'Sacred Geometry Source Book'. I would like to take a chance to personally thank John Star, who I met through Spirit Web Chat. He is the creator of the Graphic Visual of the Human & Merkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Fields. I would also like to thank Paul Thiessen, he is a Graphic Chemist; and thankfully gave me permission to Integrate his DNA Strands into my Graphics. I also would like to thank Cheryl Yambrach Rose for her exquisite Hathor Painting, please view her 'Artwork'. A Special Acknowledgement and Gratitude Filled thanks Towards Steve Moreno and Family. Steve is the founder of a Non-Profit Research and Public Outreach Organization in Fairfield, California called Psi-Applications. I would like to thank the man who shared the same vision as what I had been shown precognitively. This included a Global Network of Centers strategically located around the planet. After sharing with Christopher Belknap of 'Design Earth Synergy' the vision of a potential future I had been holding; he mailed me a hard copy of what he worked on for 16 years. This is the 'State, National & Global Sustainable Communities Strategic Vision Planning Initiative" {co-incidentally Wayne and Chris had connected a few years back in Istanbul, Turkey}. Finally, Stephanie and I would like to thank Joshua, Amarushka & Family in Sedona. They graciously accepted us into their home during the 'Eclipse Week' and allowed us to participate in a 'Grid Anchoring Ceremony' that was quite interesting. Visit them at The Golden Capstone. The implications of the processes that are underway are just beginning to unfold, we must feel the illumination from within and expand it to surround our Planet. These individuals {along with many others} have served as an inspiration, confirmation, and have assisted me in further grounding of the understanding I now hold into my consciousness. Thankyou so very much, everyone ! :)

Stephanie is my sidekick alien chick and space-time traveling partner {Co-Creative Co-Ordinator, Co-Pilot & Partner - Just Don't Let Her Navigate - *LaughS*}, she has contributed the Zeta_Reticuli artwork on my 'Andromedan Perspectives' Section {2 of her 4 most recent paintings are 'Here'}. The two of us connected over the internet and we each hold keys towards one anothers life unfoldment and growth process, she is also 23. We both would like to give thanks to all that is for both extremes within each of our individual lives experience. There are those who always say, how can one understand anothers pain unless they have had that depth of stabbing or betrayal themselves ? There is a self reflexive nature to human perception, and everything in the Universe Operates upon Energetic Principles {understanding electromagnetism is of integral importance}. It is time for us as individuals to anchor and unfold from within ourselves the Master Key Template of Divinity and Original Intended Blueprint for the Human Species. This shall in turn rotate things, opening a doorway through the phosphenic incised spiraling curves. Can you see the 'Nierka' ? {Ancient Sanskrit name for the opening that forms in the semi-permeable membrane of our consciousnesses sheath and allows for information from hyperspatial sources to be allowed in; as well as interdimensional-interspatial time travel in non-physical form - oob, astral travel, etc}.

A Symbol Code Language Representation - A Key ?

Subconscious Symbol Code Language Key - Received in Cornwall, England - Click to View

A Window of opportunity is opening up within our linear analytical patterns of thought formation. As these processes and perceptual capabilities increase in tendency within us; the potential for an entirely new consensual reality to bleed through becomes manifest. This in turn shall cause an affect to the degree that our whole world view will change {through the 100th Monkey affect}. We would like to see the allowance and an agreement within enough individuals; towards the awakening within our collective consciousness/mindfield a new set operating principles. The Dormant Codes must be unlocked, it is time for 'US' to anchor into our world view; through our hearts - an 'Omni-Dimensional Perceptual Framework'. There are a myriad of levels within us, through our hearts; we can bring them into a higher octave of coherent resonance and synchronized alignment. We exist within a Unified Field of Life Force containing an 'Inherent Animating Intelligence'; finding that still point of center in extremely necessary in this process. Fully present in the now moment, our normal static or solely 3-d 5 sense physiological functioning level gains a fluidlike dynamic capability. This is where the internal visual lens~scope and its gyrospectrum rotating and shapeshifting capabilities enter the mental and emotional energy fields..

Before we get into this whole thing any deeper, lets just take a few minutes to breath and consider this potential; and the implications of what we are on the verge of initiating as a species. Nothing less than the complete and total dedication to Understanding the Universal Forces Existence and Using Its Inherent Animating Intelligence Properly. Towards The Spiritualization of Matter into Pure Energy Being States. Close your eyes for a few moments and take a few deep breaths, find your Opalescent Center. Can you feel your Seed Atom. This is where the Master Key Template of Divinity is located. This Template serves as an interface or woven matrix inside the higher dimensional geometric architecture we are intrinsically woven through, it is also woven within us. Herein lies the 144,000 Faceted Diamond Light Etheric Crystalline Core {Adom-Kadmon/Light Body}? We are beginning to be able to perceive through this framework. Our internal~visual gyrospectrum lens scopes are awakening once again. The functioning parameters of the capability we house is being unlocked, into the true potential we contain. How Many of Us Are There - We Who Hold The Master Key ? ! ? I am willing to wager that there are more than 2,012 individuals out there. :)

Visit The Sacred Geometry Source Book

Spherized Holographic Omni-Dimensional Metatrons Cube

Both Myself and Stephanie come from backgrounds that have been very difficult to cope with, each in our own unique ways. We are both setting the intention within ourselves to bring things into greater alignment and harmony. We are all at a point where our support structure needs to become adjusted. I am sure that each one of you in your process has had various points in the development of a life sequence when a greater form of assistance was necessary. This brings me back to my intention and purpose for following the crystal clear perception and direct guidance from both within above. We are putting our total and complete trust and faith in the universe that those of you who read through this will become invigorated, awestruck, and maybe even regain a glimpse of the Sacred, Immortal, and Divine Nature we as humans contain. I am listening to the words as they are dictated by those in the higher dimensional realms who wish to communicate. We establish ourselves in a pillar of white light while creating this Manifestation Experiment and downstepping into form this request:

Here is what we are asking and what we are seeking to manifest. Stephanie & Myself would like to offer you an opportunity to invest in the Unfoldment of Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 {and the potential future of Humankind, our Civilization and the Planet Itself}. We are asking for 2,012 Individuals to invest $12.00 in U.S funds. In all of the correspondances I have had with individuals all over the planet, I have received tremendous amounts of enthusiasm and enough positive response to continue forward with what I have undertaken. Many of you have offered words of encouragement and a hand held outwards in support, I am most gracious and thankful to each of you who has been a Light-Link. This process began for me originally when I received the Visual Representation of the 12 DNA Strand Cosmic Mandala in 1995. After the Transmission of this 'Original Intended Blueprint' my life has taken so many a myriad of turns. It has taken me four years to begin to bring into manifestation to the point I have today, that which I was originally shown. It has involved an extended process of integrating various aspects of myself; I am still at the beginning ! ! ! Each and every single one of 'US' are.

12 DnA Strand Matrix - Original Intended Blueprint {Central Image Only}12 DnA Strand Matrix - Original Intended Blueprint {Central Image Only}12 DnA Strand Matrix - Original Intended Blueprint {Central Image Only}
The Original Intended Blueprint - 12 DnA Strand Matrix
Please Assist us in Anchoring this Knowledge Into Our Individualized Conceptualizations on September 21, 1999
{Central Image Only - Redrawing done by Stephanie Fuchser}
© 1999-2012 Unlimited Envisions Neo-Civilization:2012

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 will turn one year old on September 21st 1999. September 21st, 1998 was the first day I put online what has slowly evolved into what this Sacred-Cyber Space has become today. We are at the forefront of an evolutionary process that is beginning to sweep the planet en masse. Stephanie and I would like for you to assist us in bringing together the next segment of our individual lives. This in turn will open doorways of potential towards allowing the next level of Unfoldment for what in time will evolve into a Multi-Tiered Project to re-integrate ourselves back into alignment with the Original Core Teachings. Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 has grown far beyond my own self. I have had countless numerous correspondances with individuals from around the entire planet. Many of you have been touched by the writings I have contributed towards the Greater Embodyment of our Inherent Potential Divine Nature. I am just one individual who has come to this world at this time to plant a seed within the collective consciousness/mind energy field of the Human Species. Our intentions in bringing forth this Manifestation Experiment and request for your investment is very sincere. The locational pulse where it Originates is within our Illumined Cores. This is Our One Year Old Anniversary~Birthday Wish, and Focal Point of Heart Centered Intention for Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012. Both Stephanie and Myself open ourselves and our lives to Universes inherent abundance. We ask that the guiding influence of those ancient forms of sentience aligned with the original source that exist in a higher spatial dimension become strengthened. We are both ready to acknowledge the total scope of our entire life experiences, and are earnestly dedicated to further healing the fractures within ourselves.

Essentially we are asking you to invest in the future. Tonight the Universe has given me this gift, it already has been manifested. We are asking for 2,012 People to Invest $12.00. In exchange; we will send you a hard copy of the 12 DnA Strand Cosmic Mandala, an extended written description of the Mandalas Symbolism with Anchoring Meditation, and a color print out of the Human and Merkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Fields Graphic. We will personally write you a note of thanks and number the prints #1-2,012 with our Authenticated Signatures ;). We will save your address and keep you on our mailing list - this will allow us to stay in touch as 'Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012' truly begins to blossom. 2012 Individuals investing $12.00 equals $24,144. Below I have outlined exactly how the money will be used.

Thankyou For Your Investment in the Potential Unfolding Future of Humanity

At this current point in time I have invested essentially my entire self into this project. Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 has been designed with an intention to begin to unlock and open a doorway that exists within ourselves. This opened doorway illuminates many of the previously non-acknowledged, and non-perceived levels of potential we contain. Things are still in the rough draft stages of embryonic formation & morphogenesis. Everything happens for a reason, this evening my subconscious mind has spoken in numerous ways the same impression. In order to receive, one must be willing to ask. For over the past 4 years I have seemingly been being driven by forces existing beyond myself towards a certain objective {seemingly a group of extraterrestrials who are part of a Guardian Alliance}. It began with understandings that were in alignment with material as it was presented by Barbara Marciniak in 'Bringers of the Dawn'. The funny thing is, I drew the 12 DNA Strand Cosmic Mandala months before I read her Pleidian Material. It just occupied a space on my wall and I did not even have any idea what it symbolized. After this it proceeded into contact with a renegade faction of the Alpha Draconian Species who are seeking re-entry into the Federation/Alliance after many many thousands of years of being blacklisted essentially. This then evolved into the transmissions which have been purported to be from a group of species from the 'Andromeda Galaxy'. Most recently in joint conjuction with the Solar Eclipse, end of the Aztec Calandar, and Star Cross Configuration; I have begun to tune into the pulse of my own Soul Heritage. This has manifested through my 'Orion Syndicate' writings {Please See Andromedan Perspectives Section for Transcripts}.

Flower of Life Matix Spheroid - Please Assist Us In Intefacing our Link-Up
Spherized Holographic Omni-Dimensional Flower of Life Matrix

The point of focus we are intending to bring into manifestation is stability within our individual everyday lifestyles upon the Physical Plane. Within this process this is one aspect which has suffered within my own self. I have had great difficulty maintaining financial stability. This is not because I lack intelligence, motivation, or dedication. It has just been because I have been consumed by a greater calling than what is currently being offered by the mainstream of society. I also come from a family situation in which the energy dynamics were incredibly dysfunctional {abuse on all levels including damage to my physiological structure}. I sit here with great excitement as I consider the fantastic potential which is beginning to open up the parameters of functionality within us. I am very thankful to have been a part of this process to the degree which I have been over the past year. I have connected with so many kind souls from all corners of the planet and throughout vast distances within the cosmos {those who remember our Stellar Ancestral Heritage}. Both Stephanie and myself would like to thankyou for participating :).

Anchor and Activate The Divine Template Contained Within Your DNA The Pyramids on the Giza Plateau are Aligned with the Belt Stars of the O'rion Constellation Anchor and Activate The Divine Template Contained Within Your DNA

We know that there are a great many of you who will view this message, within this many; a few of you will be compelled to listen to the vibrations of our sincere hearts. We would be very thankful for your assistance and participation in the manifestation of this 'Intentional Wish' for 'Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012' 1st Anniversary. At this point in time, Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 is not a formal organization, nor are we associated with any religious groups, or the military industrial complex. Up until this point Unlimited Envisions has been solely in my hands. I originally created it to delineate and outline what I have been shown since my awakening began. This involved an understanding of mainly two different scenarios. The first scenario related to changes which were underway to our stars functioning due to an increased rotational velocity - an affect which occurs naturally as our star system orbits inside the galactic spiral {this would then affect the suns electromagnetic cycle, sunspot activity, coronal mass ejections, etc}. This also involved an introduction into some fairly advanced conceptualizations utilizing a wider spectrum of my consciousnesses gyrospectrum scope, and the awakening of a reflexive lenslike capability. I came to understand that as our star changed location in space in relation to other stars in our local quadrant there were energy fluctuations to the functioning processes of our Star. I saw that this ultimately had an affect upon earths living systems, and came into the knowing that understanding electromagnetism is an integral part of this entire process. The earth is literally receiving a sort of cosmic tune up and the entire grid matrix is being re-calibrated. This ultimately affects us as individuals, we are with a process that has been unfolding for thousands and thousands of years {The Opening, Unlocking, and Re-Circuiting of what was Once Disconnected}.

At this point I was shown another scenario which I will outline once again: From the end of 1999, I saw two timelines projected 25 years into the future. These timelines were essentially the two main tendrils or potential worlds that had the possibility to become manifest. The first timeline was revealed as being the one which would lead towards the formation of a Global Police State and a New World Order run by a Corrupted World Government. As this timeline progressed into the future; seperation, racial prejudice, warfare and hatred become even more institutionalized. In this potential timeline the reality which unfolds creates a civilization that is completely unsustainable, and we destroy ourselves. Once again we repeat the same mistakes which have been made by many developing species operating within the confined boundaries of a planetary homeworld {Our Civilization Collapses}. I was shown that there would be decisions which would be made within 3 years from the end of 1999 {this would put us right around the end of 2002 - beginning of 2,003} which would essentially set in stone the course of our potential future. This is the potential future which all of our prophecies have spoken, we are here within these times to re-direct the sequence of events into alignment with an alternate potential future. This is one aspect behind my reasoning and part of the purpose why I have created Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012.

Please Assist Us In The One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiment for Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012Please Assist Us In The One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiment for Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012Please Assist Us In The One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiment for Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012

The second timeline I was shown was the one which we must follow if we are to fulfill our Destiny. This could be considered the coming forth of the 'Warriors of the Rainbow' and the fulfilment of many of the ancient prophecies which run in tandem with the visions of these end times. I created Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 to serve as a Target Lock Focus and Co-Ordinate Node for individuals who have begun to awaken into the dormant and latent potential we contain. We are still in our Embryonic Gestation stages, I have taken this as far as I can with solely my own energies. In one Month it will be the 'One Year Anniversary' of this seed that I have planted into the collective consciousness and mind energy field of the Human Species {September 21, 1999}. There is much work that must be undertaken on every single level and all of us are here to participate in an orchestrated and co-ordinated fashion. We have a Monumental Task In Our Hands ! Our descendants are looking backwards in time at us, from which world do we want them to perceive who they were ? A world in which we have overcome our amnesia and re-aligned ourselves and our developed level of civilization with our True Heritage and the Original Divine Template of Perfection we were created within, or shall we choose to allow the manipulation that has occurred for 13,000 years to continue re-creating what we once destroyed ~ again ?

Now It Is Time To Connect The Internested Looping Matrices of the Original Circuitry - Connecting the Ancient Past With The Distant Future - Inside Now
Spherized Holographic Omni-Dimensional Fruit of Life - Abundance

I have a very clear picture of a Manifestable Worldview that would allow us to re-orient our internal gyroscopes to the degree that a whole new set of probabilities have the potential to become physically realized. Now is the time when the pathways of clarity leading the way through these times of strife and chaotic darkness must become illuminated. I would like to continue to share this with you, with the depth and from the various angles I have been processing. I intend to continue to hold my focus steadfast and work along these lines. This is our reason for requesting your investment. Once again, let me repeat what we are asking :). Myself and Stephanie are asking for your assistance in this manifestation experiment {bringing into form sustainability and abundance within our individual lives}. Those of you who have read this far have definitely recognized the vibrations of truth and sincerity held within the words contained herein, maybe a sense of empathy, or resonance with what I have spoken. If this is the case, I am asking you to become an active participant and make a pledge the Universal Life Force and Its Inherent Animating Intelligence; become one of the 2,102 individuals we are seeking assistance from. I would like to harvest some fruit from the labors I have invested ;). 2,012 Individuals investing $12.00 each equals $24,144.

At this point in time my source of income is for the most part non-existant. I have struggled to maintain a steady full time job and at this time I am only employed temporarily. I have continued to work part time through various temporary agencies. I am also assisting Wayne Moody in co-designing a Website based around concepts for the 'Cities of Light Website - Under Embryonic Gestation'. At this point in time only a rough framework has been outlined online. Wayne Moody is a former City Planner of Tucson, and is working on two different progressive communities here in the local region: The Community of Civano & Milagro Co-Housing {Check out the Development Team for a Photograph of Wayne in Action}. It has been difficult to even work on this small project due to the fact that I am trying to maintain financial stability. Stephanie was let go by her employer this afternoon; for essentially no reason at all {other than they shorted her 27 hours on her last check and she was steadfast in seeing that she received her back pay in a timely fashion}. The both of us came out to Tucson, Arizona at the guidance of spirit; we were both called. I came from Sacramento, California and she from Bellingham, Washington. This is not the location where we are planning on staying for a great amount of time longer, as the atmosphere is not the most conducive towards this work either. The two of us plan on relocating to Sedona, Arizona to undergo a deepening of our healing process. The both of us have had varying levels of Extraterrestrial Activities within our lives/family lineages which have caused further confusion for us as individuals {Myself including direct overhead flyovers by aerial vehicles that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance and massive overwhelming amounts of information in holographic visual form, both of us - potential physical abduction}.

Wayne Moody's 'Cities Of Light' - Under Embryonic Gestation
Under Embryonic Gestation - Wayne has reserved for this Project

With The Heart Locked Focus of Intention Set for the Complete Fruiting of Unlimited Envisios | Neo-Civilization: 2012 One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiment and Birthday wish for Abundance, Sustainability, and Healing within myself and Stephanies lives. The $24,144 dollars received through the combined joint investment of 2,012 individuals donating $12.00 {Receiving a hard copy of the 12 DnA Strand Cosmic Mandala, an extended written description of the Mandalas Symbolism with Anchoring Meditation, and a color print out of the Human and Merkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Field Graphics} would be used as follows:

Please Become One of the 2,012 Individuals Necessary to Completely Manifest Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 - One Year Anniversary Birthday Wish
^~ Click On Omicron Destiny Graphic Above To Activate The Original Intended Blueprint ~^

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012
P.O. Box 44239
Tucson, AZ
85733 - 4239

Please Make Checks or Money Orders out to 'Daniel Ryan'.
Email Us If You Have Any Questions:
Please Mail Your $12.00 Investment to the Address Above. If you include cash, please be sure to fold it inside a piece of paper. Also be sure to include your email address and mailing address. Please allow us a couple of days to mail your 12 DnA Strand Anchoring Packet to you. :)


~ Love Offerings, Deeper Investment & Gifts Warmly Accepted ~
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