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Principles For Extending Perception & Utlizing an Omni-Dimensional Framework

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Yin-YangEverything in the Universe is Inter-Connected. Seperation is only a perception held onto by an observer who has not gained Knowledge, Awareness, or Cognitive/Perceptual Understanding of the Internal Visual Gyro-Spectrum Lens and Universal Mind-Energy Consciousness Field.

Yin-YangThe Next level of development and integration within the human species collective consciousness must be realized if we are to transform our worldview and integrate the ancestral memories we are awakening into. We must integrate a new perceptual framework into the substructure of our conscious minds, and open ourselves back up into unlimited potentiality.

Yin-YangWe are awakening from within our sleep into a greater dream and a more clearly defined reality and understanding of the universe and our position within the scheme of things.

Yin-YangThe instrument that humanity has labeled consciousness has not yet been clearly understood, for what it in actuality is. It is one of the most sophisticated tools which the human species has the ability to utilize in ways that have just barely begun to be conceived of.

Yin-YangThrough the dawning of inner luminescence; that which exists beyond the Sensory Scope and Perceptual Range of Humanities solely physiological functioning levels shall be revealed.

Yin-YangLieing within and existing at every single level of the Universe, underneath the entire Cosmological Genesis; exists what shall become known and understood as being a 'Master Key Template of Divinity'. This Divine Template is contained, existing within the Universal Field of Life Force Energy. It holds within it all the operational directives, timing response mechanisms, and other features necessary for the downstepping/upstepping and structuralization of all matter based energy forms {Directed by the Animating Intelligence}.